1. says

    A little weak in the causal regime.

    Plus, Sal has always liked both rehashed and original Ken Ham (he’s at least been YEC most of the time since we’ve encountered him).

    Cute, though.

    God made the pig’s ham/the same day he made Adam/ancestor of Ken Ham. I like it on the train/on the plane/and scrambling my brain. Sal-I-am/with a skull full of spam.

    Glen D

  2. Aquaria says

    Hee hee. That was pretty cute. I especially liked the Monty Python God popping open the ID-denier’s brain and letting his brain bounce out as being the only way to make ID believable.

  3. Jacques says

    Goddamned flash, crashed my browser 6 times before I disabled the flash plugin for Firefox 3.

  4. Holbach says

    Well done, but still uneasy to see Darwin’s head on a plate! It should have been a huge hambone with the note “Ken” on it! Even funnier!

  5. says

    #8 That was great!
    – So the UNIcorns may have one OR TWO horns, and
    – While they are slightly smaller than elephants, they skip like calves?
    – Best of all, the entry was tagged as “semi-technical”, that has to mean something like “kind’a like true, but not exactly”.

  6. wildcardjack says


    I find the occasional new and unused copy of P&P for $0.50-$2.00

    Then I sell it on Amazon as new for about $25

    It can be green, sometimes.

  7. The Other Dan from Milwaukee says

    If you want “Green Eggs and Ham” read by a real preacher, check out Jesse Jackson on SNL (Eulogizing the good doctor).

  8. says

    Update: The slide show didn’t work. If you’re going to put some pictures up on the web, self host. Gallery scripts are available most anywhere, and a number of web host offer self-installation scripts. Hell, I can get a gallery installed at my place and host a better slide show than Photo-Bucket does. I could do it using WordPress and the basic page template.

    PhotoBucket, the Ken Ham of hosted image galleries.

  9. Amadán says

    But I thought the ending was kind of weak

    I wanted a bleak nihilistic conclusion that would leave the viewer with an uneasy understanding of the contradictions and compromises at the heart of bourgeois morality. But the studio said test screenings in Nebraska showed that Arnie blowing up the alien monster would up the demographic 30 points.