1. gary says

    Sounds to me like they are a bunch of UFO deniers. Even if UFOs aren’t real, I think we should teach the controversy. And give each side equal weight of course.

  2. says

    I’ve been rocking my anti-raptor and “Science, it works bitches” shirts from xkcd since they arrived a couple weeks back, but I could definitely use a few more science t-shirts.

    Of course I could use food too…

  3. Nicole says

    I love my “Science it works, bitches” shirt, but I have to admit that it does get funny looks.

  4. Remy-Grace says

    No, no, no! God put the fossils there because he wanted his chosen people to have enough *fossil* fuels to power our Hummers! Duh. Praise the Lord!

  5. C Barr says

    Everyone knows you don’t need the devil to explain tyrannosaurus fossils. During The Flood the bigger heavier creatures which drowned, sank deeper, and were buried below the strata that contained the smaller lighter mammals. Geesh.

  6. Matt Heath says

    Pete @#7: Because he’s digging of course.

    (I considered “Because he’s a lesbian” but thought better of it)

  7. Schmeer says

    Clearly the FSM has made a t-shirt for his followers under the “science” tab. It illustrates one of the two well known FSM-afterlife promises: stripper factory. Now, where’s that beer volcano? I have a little understood holiday tomorrow, Bunker Hill Day. I could really use a beer volcano before I have to go back to work on Wednesday.

  8. Lilly de Lure says

    C Barr said:

    Everyone knows you don’t need the devil to explain tyrannosaurus fossils. During The Flood the bigger heavier creatures which drowned, sank deeper, and were buried below the strata that contained the smaller lighter mammals. Geesh.

    D’uh! Everyone knows that Darwin planted t’eh dinosaur fossilz. What do you think the whole Beagle Voyage thing was about in the first place?


  9. Eli says

    I’m glad the seller is joking… because quite honestly, the stupidity burns! I don’t know how some people can believe stuff like that.

  10. says

    Ahaha, I wish that my family weren’t all so religious because they will recognize what this is mocking right off. Shame too, my birthday is next Monday and I have to admit I love the Geocentric Universe one and would definitely ask for it!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome link, PZ! :)

  11. Kevin Anthoney says

    I’ve always been amused at the idea that Satan could come up with a fantastically subtle and powerful idea such as evolution to deceive us – even going to the trouble of faking a complete fossil and genetic record to back it up – whereas all God can do is send round a couple of idiots now and then to preach Pascal’s Wager at us.

  12. ThePetey says


    Are these pro or con? I can’t tell sometimes.

    One person’s idiocy is sounds an awful lot like another’s sarcasm and irony.

  13. dogmeatib says

    I’m just glad it’s not about religion, and simply support for scientific inquiry.

    /end sarcasm

  14. dogmeatib says

    Okay… no I’m ticked. Where the hell did they get the elephants on the back of the World Turtle?!?!? There are no elephants!!! And where the hell is otter???


  15. says

    Seriously, ID is little different in principle than the “Satan planted evidence to deceive us” idea. The only difference is that God/Satan buried evidence of both selectionist and neutral evolution, which look nothing like design, in the genomes.

    Yet the prophets Behe and Dembski are quite capable of distinguishing between macroevolution from microevolution, even though they both left similar evidences. One does require revelation to distinguish between evidence that sensibly looks like one continuous process–as much a sufficient singular reason why ID has to be recognized as creationism as any other reason that can be adduced.

    Glen D

  16. Carlie says

    I was a little confused on this one at first; I thought “Life was created by a game of Set that has no actual sets?” Then I realized my error. But now I’m stuck playing the game for the next hour or so.

  17. Jacques says

    Sorry, I find those t-shirts to be a little too ambiguous for the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers to understand.

  18. says

    Sorry, I find those t-shirts to be a little too ambiguous for the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers to understand.

    Yeah, but did you notice you can mix and match designs to make your own? Including Dabney Coleman’s head in a jar for your sleeve?!

    We’re gonna blow those squares’ freakin’ minds, man!

  19. dogmeatib says

    dogmeatib, at #22, you might want to see . There are _lots_ of World Turtles :)

    *chuckle* Thanks. I use the Iroquois creation story as an example when students argue that creation should be taught alongside science for balance. I recite the creation myth and ask them, “which creation should be taught?”

  20. says

    You are way off in this post. EVERYONE knows that it was doG who put the fossil bones there not to confuse us, but to test our faith.

    I failed my test, by the way…

  21. Patricia says

    Ken Hovind said fossils don’t prove anything, and there you go…the debble did it.

  22. Gregory Kusnick says

    I want to know why that rock ‘n’ roll robot is strumming a Nike missile.

  23. James F says

    #35 Dan,

    Karl is an invaluable ally – he pulls no punches when dismantling creationism and ID from an Evangelical Christian perspective.

  24. Janine ID says

    Mothwentbad, you only need the one turtle, Great A’Tuin. Just follow the link at #24 or #32 and you will understand.

  25. David Marjanović, OM says

    Great A’Tuin, however, is a sea turtle that swims through space, methane ice on, uh, his or her flippers…

  26. says

    Inquiring minds want to know whether Satan’s bib overalls have one of those Dr. Denton butt flaps in the back to accommodate his tail?

  27. BetentacledBrad says

    Gregory @38:

    I want to know why that rock ‘n’ roll robot is strumming a Nike missile.

    Because it just rocks that hard.

  28. qedpro says

    i think we need ones with storks carrying babies, cause no way my daddy did that to my mommy.

  29. Kagehi says

    They seem to be missing some, if you really want to nail the Christians. How about the geneology of Yahweh, pre-Christ. Showing he was one of three brothers who ruled kingdoms in the ME? Or, the Zoroastrian faith, which have multiple gods, but includes a whack job “supreme god” identical to the OT god, complete with his archenemy, the spreader of evil, sin and destroyer of worlds?

    Nah, those would probably be too obscure.. Hmm. I got it, a Cthulu ‘teach the controversy’ shirt. ;)

  30. peter garayt says

    The only one that made me snort coffee out my nose.
    Burning bag of poop outside the heavens gate.

  31. JJR says

    Don’t forget, the Devil is also responsible for all the other Messiah-gods very closely resembling the Jesus myth (from whose various components the Jesus myth was cobbled together) that pre-date it. That’s still the Church’s “Final answer” on that question, and it’s still laughable.

  32. apophenia says

    What, no shirts with female scientists? Or is that just too “out there” for these guys?

  33. Carlie says

    apophenia, given the silhouettes of the women who are on the designs, I’d say your assessment is spot-on. Silly women! Stop trying to be scientists and go back to being sex objects like god made you! (yeah, yeah, ironic use of stereotype, whatever)

    Other than that, though, great shirts, and I really really want the Discworld one. Really. And the scientist riding the amoeba.

  34. BobbyEarle says

    Decisions, decisions….

    We have Colonel “King” Kong riding a paramecium and The Grim Reaper texting.

    I shall use my “known the world over” abilities to discern quality formal wear, and buy them both.

  35. Kseniya says

    Carlie! I come from a Set-playin’ family. Fun!

    (yeah, yeah, ironic use of stereotype, whatever)

    LOL. “Whatever.” Say, what’s your opinion of the Feministing logo/tee?


  36. Kseniya says

    What’s with the “Science [or scientists] destroying the world” theme, though?

  37. Foob says

    The creator of these shirts posted this thread. For those complaining about the lack of women scientists, the final comment is relevant.

  38. Arnosium Upinarum says

    Pete #7 and Matt #10:

    Wearing dungeries makes it obvious that he’s a paleontologist…an evil scientist bent on unearthing DIRTY SECRETS that the Good Lord wants to remain buried.

  39. «bønez_brigade» says

    I ordered a few shirts from the Teach The Controversy (TTC) & Science! categories. The printing on the TTC shirts is a lot smaller than what is shown in the examples on the wearscience site, but the Science! shirt seems to be the same as advertised. I’m not a fan of the ink application method (as it may soon crack), but I shall wear them with pride as I mock creationists.

  40. kattwild says

    Here are some more evolution t-shirts:
    and one for the feminists = (fish on a bicycle):
    and several cephalopod shirts plus magnets:

    all shirts are high pressure, multiple station silk screened directly onto the shirts ensuring a good “hand” (soft to touch) and no ink cracking.