1. RamblinDude says

    Aye, what a wonderful collection of essays.

    The maiden voyage of the H.M.S. Elitist Bastard:

    “An “elite” is one of the worse names you can call an American these days. It’s a word that, like communist or fascist, conjures up a visceral reaction…. Scientists and intellectuals are increasingly becoming marginalized in American society. It is that elite that is besieged. That elite that is loathed, distrusted, ridiculed and scorned.” We are going forth to rescue that beleaguered elite and ensure the world does not fall prey to ignorance. It is a daunting task.

    Indeed. Sail on.

  2. RamblinDude says

    Oh, and congratulations, Etha Williams. Your post is Pithy and excellent. You are an inspiration.

  3. says

    PZ, you’re our Admiral! Thank you so much for this.

    All of you who have come by, read, and commented: a very heartfelt HUZZAH! from the crew of the HMS Elitist Bastard. Thank you for helping us set sail!

  4. Patricia C. says

    My dumbass-christian brother & I actually sailed up the mighty Columbia sewer on the ‘Lady Washington’ between her film duties for the Pirates movies. I was amazed at how quiet and tight she was. No creaking!
    But I’ll gladly jump aboard the ‘Elitist Bastard’ with a demi-john of home brew, 10 pullets, me trusty knife and a half laced corset. Avast ye Bastards!

  5. JJR says

    Looking at the size of my bank account, I sure have a hard time believing I belong to any select elite, but ok, whatever.

    Actually, I do recognize that with my level of education (institutionally conferred as well as autodidactically obtained), I am very rich in so-called “cultural capital”, it’s just that the ‘exchange rate’ between Cultural capital and plain old (monetary) Capital is worse than the old Soviet ruble to the contemporary Euro would be.

  6. Patricia C. says

    I’m getting a vision here, ye trusty bastards… there has to be a T-shirt of the Elitist Bastard and a squid… something like the Kracken/Lady Washington/non-gawdsquad…help me out. I want one.
    And no Kenny, Je-Zeus crucified on the main mast doesn’t count and nobody wants it. Although he does count as a bastard since the Holy Ghost and Mary weren’t married.

  7. Leigh says

    Awsomely cool! Avast just a damn minute there, while I climb aboard.

    (I get extra pirate points for knowing the correct definition of ‘avast’, BTW.)

  8. Ian H Spedding FCD says

    How about an annual award for the Most Bastardish of Elite Bastards, to be called a Gregory after the House of that name?

  9. says

    Egads… I think I see a whole industry springing up here! LOL. I’ll take a t-shirt AND a ring, thanks so much!

    @11 – I am absolutely loving the idea of a Gregory! I’m going to pitch it to the crew.

    Thank you all again for your wonderful, kind words! I hope to see at least some of you setting sail with us next month!