Expelled Exposed goes live!

Don’t just link to the Expelled Exposed web site, read it! A whole bunch of new content has gone live, including this video of Chris Comer.

One of the more effective parts is the truth behind Expelled, which goes one by one through the cases of “expelled” creationists, and shows that they weren’t — the quality of a good persecution has gone down considerably since the days of Romans with lions, I guess.


  1. zwa says

    The Michael Egnor section is quite amusing:

    The Claim

    Michael Egnor says in Expelled that he expected criticism, but was shocked by the “viciousness” and “baseness” of the response.

    The Facts

    Michael Egnor had apparently never been on the Internet before.

  2. says

    Expelled Exposed showed up on the second page for me when I googled “expelled”. That’s way up from when I tried it yesterday though.

  3. gravitybear says

    The best part:
    Michael Egnor had apparently never been on the Internet before.

    That cracked me up!

  4. says

    Though the current EXPELLED header reads;

    Editor’s Note: Questions have been raised about the origination of some of the animation used in our movie EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed.

    Claims that we have used any animation in an unauthorized manner are simply false. Premise Media created the animation that illustrates cellular activity used in our film.
    – The Producers of “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed”

    Their stone tablet hard drive contains this text

    Editors Note :Questions have been raised about the origination of some of the arm hair simulation used in the hostile takeover of Jacob’s alledged brother Esau’s birthright.

    Claims that Jacob used any vocal distortion or kidskin in an unauthorized manner are simply false. Pentateuch Media created the alleged hairyness by cloning a goat, and since “Thou Shalt Not Steal’ won’t enter written law for threescore generations, you can tell your Harvard lawyers to soak their heads in the washpot of Moab.
    -The Producers of ” THE BOOK OF EXPELLUS: No Ethics Allowed”


  5. says

    This is all incredible fun. It’s like dunking the mayor at the fair.

    I can’t wait to read the “persecution” stories. The myth of Xian persecution in this country drives me insane. I’ve often wanted to drag these people by the ear to a country like, oh, say, Saudi Arabia, leave them there for a few months so they can get a taste of authentic persecution, and possibly fetch them back home where they can do the proper compare and contrast.

    Then again, perhaps not. The place is so much more peaceful without them yawping…

  6. says

    If you want to spruce your Expelled Exposed link up, use this image to make the link instead: img src=”http://www.ncseweb.org/resources/front_graphics/expelled-exposed-banner-140.jpg
    You have to enclose that snippet with angle brackets to make it work, then add the link code around it.

    If you need pointers, shoot me an email.

  7. Don Smith, FCD says

    OT, but I found this link for a new visual dictionary and thought this blog entry is as good of a place as any.

    It has 15 top level themes. One of them is labeled “Science” but it only includes chemistry, physics and measurement. Across the top are 5 themes I would have put under Science: astronomy, earth (actually earth sciences), plants & gardening, animal kingdom and human being. Biology isn’t even mentioned and evolution is a subcategory of animal kingdom – as if plants (or humans!) don’t evolve.

    I guess they must organize it this way since our science education has become so poor that people wouldn’t know to look in the science category for information about Mars or under biology to look up plants, animals or human anatomy. Sheesh.

    Back on topic: That stupid movie’s goal is to continue to degrade our education system so that people will remain unknowledgeable, or become even less so, in order to keep on fleecing the flock. It’s just disgusting.

  8. raven says

    One of the more effective parts is the truth behind Expelled, which goes one by one through the cases of “expelled” creationists, and shows that they weren’t — the quality of a good persecution has gone down considerably since the days of Romans with lions, I guess.

    As usual with the creos, the truth is the exact opposite of what they state. There is a pattern of persecution going on, of fundies against scientists and science supporters. Their body count is much higher, including a real body, Rudi Boa was knifed to death.

    Posting the list of who is really being beaten up, threatened, fired, attempted to be fired, and killed. Not surprisingly, it is scientists and science supporters by Death Cultists.

    I’ve discovered that this list really bothers fundies. Truth to them is like a cross to a vampire.

    There is a serious reign of terror by Xian fundie terrorists directed against the reality based academic community, specifically acceptors of evolution. I’m keeping a running informal tally, listed below. They include death threats, firings, attempted firings, assaults, and general persecution directed against at least 10 people.
    The Expelled Liars have totally ignored the ugly truth of just who is persecuting who.

    If anyone has more info add it. Also feel free to borrow or steal the list.

    I thought I’d post all the firings of professors and state officials for teaching or accepting evolution.

    2 professors fired, Bitterman (SW CC Iowa) and Bolyanatz (Wheaton)

    1 persecuted unmercifully Richard Colling (Olivet)

    1 attempted firing Murphy (Fuller Theological by Phillip Johnson IDist)

    1 successful death threats, assaults harrasment Gwen Pearson (UT Permian)

    1 state official fired Chris Comer (Texas)

    1 assault, fired from dept. Chair Paul Mirecki (U. of Kansas)

    1 killed, Rudi Boa, Biomedical Student (Scotland)

    Death Threats Eric Pianka UT Austin and the Texas Academy of Science engineered by a hostile, bizarre IDist named Bill Dembski

    Death Threats Michael Korn, fugitive from justice, towards the UC Boulder biology department and miscellaneous evolutionary biologists.

    Up to 10 with little effort. Probably there are more. I turned up a new one with a simple internet search. Haven’t even gotten to the secondary science school teachers.

    And the Liars of Expelled have the nerve to scream persecution. On body counts the creos are way ahead.

  9. Deepsix says

    Great idea, but the site really needs to be spiced up. It looks like an error message with links.

  10. MH says

    I’ve just read the entire Expelled Exposed site, and I’m very impressed. They are asking for suggestions too, so I urge everyone to read it and help improve it.

  11. wazza says

    What I loved, reading the site, was the sense of unity you get from it. Here, you get the cut and thrust of debate, but over there, you get the sense that we’re all aiming for the same thing, and the debate is just the best way of getting there, and that when people try to block the road, we work together to clear it.

  12. says

    It’s still dull and defensive.

    I’m not faulting what’s there. What is there needs to be there, the truth behind all of the BS.

    But there’s nothing to grab people, no snappy slogans or accusations against these charlatans, no “Here’s prof. Richards/Chang working hard, while malicious know-nothings are maligning him/her and trying to hamper his/her work.” Few attempts to evoke empathy for very real people defamed and attempted to be suppressed by hateful theocrats.

    The website for Expelled is far more effective. Sure, we can’t go around lying, like the IDiots do, but there could be some, you know, graphics, photos you don’t have to click to get, some color, you know, actual web design. And some stories about people, more than just Chris Comer.

    As bad as Expelled’s stories about people are (I’m not sure how well sob stories about not getting tenure, or being let go for teaching creationism, will really play out), at least they have the right idea. And yes, Comer is worth bringing up, but a single highlighted person might look to be the exception, and not an example of the stories of teachers being suppressed when they attempt to teach science, all across the USA.

    So far this site looks way too much like a school teacher’s compilation of facts and refutations, and not a real attempt to respond effectively, let alone to attack the morons who want to suppress real science.

    I don’t doubt that it will be valuable for the media to get their hands on some relevant facts. I’m just not sure that it will be much more than that (though I wouldn’t slight that aspect), since it reads more like a defense than a well put-together treatment of the various issues involved, especially IDiot assaults on the First Amendment protections of speech and assembly, as well as its protections against the intrusions of religion.

    Even without much money, it could have been done much better. I hope that it may be enhanced at least somewhat (maybe suggestions will help) over time, so that it will be less dull, and less of being merely a defense against these frauds.

    What is wrong with actually attacking them for being attempted suppressors and unreconstructed liars anyway? They attack us without provocation, surely the victims of dishonest attacks would be expected to counter-attack with some emotion and color, rather than with a rather dull relation of the facts.

    Glen D

  13. MH says

    Glen, although I too would like to see some pictures and graphics, I disagree that it has the wrong tone. We all know that ID and EXPELLED are worthless pieces of shit, but many people visiting expelledexposed.com will be Christians who are ignorant of science, and who would buy into the whole “science/atheism is out to destroy religion” crap at the drop of a hat. With this in mind, I’m glad that the NCSE are treading softly, and just stating the facts. Although I’m no advocate of framing everything in the same way, I do think this is one case where it has to be framed very sensitively.

  14. says

    PZ, if you really want to Google Bomb this site into the top-10, you should do it yourself! Your link right now is from “Expelled Exposed” to their site; change it to “Expelled” Exposed to make it part of the Bomb!

  15. says

    It’s still dull and defensive.

    I agree. It’s clearly written by and for people who don’t mind reading a whole lot of text.

    The target audience, however, is those who regard reading anything longer than the back of a cereal packet as excruciating mental effort akin to dragging a freight-train across a bog by a noose around their testicles.

    The emphasis should be on something with visual impact and catchy prominent phrases for the ordinary surfing public who simply do not read text at all unless they’ve been hooked somehow on visuals.

  16. Denis Loubet says

    Emmet’s right, the site is not designed for people with the attention span of a gnat. We need to hold their hands and guide them through the site with shiny pictures and soundbites.

    (Then wash our hands afterwards.)

  17. says

    With this in mind, I’m glad that the NCSE are treading softly, and just stating the facts.

    I’m glad that they’re not attacking like PZ Myers does.

    But one can give the lie to these people without going into full attack mode.

    Put a picture of Stein up, and put in one of his more egregious quotes (like “Darwinism” is responsible for squelching questions about the Big Bang or gravity). Then put a quote from a responsible source in reply, something that will show him up for the ignorant bimbo he is. Do that a few times, with some splashes of color around, and you’re not just reacting any more.

    The point is not to come in raging about what “fucking liars” they are or some such thing. It’s to quit letting them attack with no counterattacks. We can’t just be passive, we have to undermine anyone’s sense that Stein is a knowledgeable and reliable source.

    The fact is that a lot of people on their side might catch a few details where Stein & co. are wrong, and yet they’ll be quite sure that “on the whole” they’re right, mainly because they already trust the theists, and do not trust athiests and librul theists. That’s why there have to be attacks, if low-key and nuanced ones, and not simply defenses against the specific charges (they’re essential too, definitely).

    PZ has no lock on styles of attack, after all (and I think his works well enough on this blog). Any attacks have to be politic and carefully crafted. But we should not simply sit back and defend against attacks, the credibility of these charlatans has to be shown to be evanescent before their message can be shown to be vapid.

    Glen D

  18. says

    The problem with the Egnor section is that it focuses on the wrong part of the quote. Instead of treating whether Dr. Egnor is a “new threat”, it should attack directly the use by Stein of the word “exterminate”. Did Dr. Egnor receive any death theats? Any threats to his position? Any reaction at all on campus to his raising his voice? Anything? Anything? Anything at all except for blog posts in refutation of his positions?

    Stein shows a great ability to debase the language. If he wants to keep any meaning to the word “exterminate”, he should go back to Dachau with his script in his hands and meditate on his choice of words.

  19. MH says

    I’d be a little worried about aping the style of the EXPELLED site, though. There will probably be Conservative Christians who find that style distasteful, and would actually feel more comfortable on the more soberly presented ExpelledExposed site.

    As far as trying to appeal to the sorts of Creationists who are wowed by Vegas style flashing lights, I’m not sure I’d bother. I suspect that they will be the ones who are just to dumb to ever consider opposition viewpoints. I do think the ExpelledExposed site could have an effect on the more considerate creationist, though.

    I think we should avoid at all costs giving the impression that ExpelledExposed is about character assassination. It’ll just end up being counter-productive.

    Hey, the site is up to number seven on Google! Still not registering on Yahoo.

  20. noncarborundum says

    Since the 1920’s, conservative Christian groups, who rejected the modernizing changes made by mainstream Protestants, have wrongly tried to blame evolution for the ills of modern society from bootlegging and socialism to atheism.

    I’m frequently irritated at all the time NCSE thinks it has to spend reassuring people that its agenda isn’t anti-religious, but I’m sorry,

    the ills of modern society from bootlegging and socialism to atheism

    is simply beyond the pale.

  21. tom j lawson says

    There is no rating for “Expelled” on Rotten Tomatoes. This is either because RT doesn’t want to touch the controversy or because they don’t want people to get the idea that it is an actual movie, which it isn’t really. But it is curious that the movie opens in three days and there is still no rating…

  22. MH says

    noncarborundum #27

    Yeah, I’ve already mentioned to them that “the ills of modern society from bootlegging and socialism to atheism” makes atheism and socialism out to be actual ills on the same level as bootlegging. I’m sure they’ll change it.

  23. MH says

    Folks, we’re doing something right, ExpelledExposed is now up to number FOUR on Google, ahead of IMDB, YouTube and Scienceblogs. Still behind the official site and Wikipedia, but the WP page is pretty good.

  24. stogoe says

    This is the internet. I’m sorry, but the internet is still by and large comprised of text. If you go on the internet, you’re going to have to read.

  25. Greg Peterson says

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Until yesterday, I would have hesitated before referring a curious creationist to the Expelled Exposed site, but no longer. The people who criticize the site as too dull or not interactive enough or whatever should realize that there is not enough flash in the world to distract fundamentalists from the ultimate shiny object, Baby Jesus. The audience must be the people intelligent enough, fair-minded enough, and engaged enough for facts to still make a difference. Some of the deluded will in fact come around eventually, but it won’t be because of science facts, but because they read the Bible for themselves and see that it doesn’t make a lick of sense, or because their fervent, heart-broken prayers for the health of child go unanswered, or because nun seduces her husband or something. The facts about reality will be waiting for these people once they are dis-delusioned, but in the meantime, do not imagine that even Xbox interactivity, Dreamworks animation, and Skywalker special effects are going to persuade anyone to give the imagine friend who lives in their hearts and just loves them so much as they truly, wuly are.

  26. says

    Hey guys, I just want to comment briefly on the lack of flash and sparkle. Our #1 priority – and Josh, Genie and I were here until 11 last night getting it finished – was to get the text up. Now that that’s done, we can add cool graphics and the like. So please be patient with us!

  27. DavidONE says

    PZ, if you really want to Google Bomb this site into the top-10 …

    To repeat my comment from a post yesterday, we do *not* want to attempt a blatant ‘Google Bomb’. It will have the opposite effect of what is required. It will bury ExpelledExposed.com.

    Google can detect widespread, systematic attempts to game the SERPs. That’s why ‘miserable failure’ no longer points to Dubya’s bio.

    Read more at http://searchengineland.com/070125-230048.php and then start linking *naturally* to the site, with whatever text fits your writing.

  28. says

    Now that that’s done, we can add cool graphics and the like. So please be patient with us!

    Great. I wouldn’t have brought up graphics and other visual effects if I knew it was still a work in progress. I just want it to be effective.

    Carry on.

    Glen D

  29. says


    I’m sorry, but the internet is still by and large comprised of text.

    You must’ve missed the memo: the Internet is dead. The web is now the Internet, and the web is a mall where over half the stores sell nothing but porn.

    The research is there and it’s pretty conclusive: if you want people to hit the back button in under 10 seconds, put lots of text on a page. The web is a mall. If you’re trying to sell milk with a 5,000 word essay instead of a picture of a cow, you’re going to lose.

    In the web business (worked in it for 10 years) it’s called “a wall of text”. It’s a *big* mistake. Every client I ever had wanted to put a long screed of bullshit about their company on the homepage. Nobody reads it. Putting essays on the web is fine for blogs but even then, you’ll find that short blog posts are read more than long ones.

    It’s not about me or you who read long articles, we’re the exception, we don’t occupy the middle of the bell curve. Sure, you have to read, but not much: photographs, cartoons, other images, videos, flash, and snippets of text: captions, bullet points, and short paragraphs.

    Compared expelledthemovie.com with expelledexposed.com. I’m sorry to have to say it, but the former was done by somebody who actually has got the first clue about web design, marketing, and usage patterns and the latter wasn’t.

  30. says

    Now that that’s done, we can add cool graphics and the like. So please be patient with us!

    I started #38 before I saw #34. I retract the premature judgement at the end of #38: let’s wait and see what it’s like when it’s finished.

  31. says

    Wow, that’s a really nice site now! It’s inviting to believers and engaging for people who already agree with its premises. I am actually learning lots!

  32. mezzobuff says

    Per #34: even without the glitz and sparkle, the site is great.
    Quick idea for anyone on the facebook application “Flixter.” How about creating your own “Expelled” film quiz? There is already one up that looks great, but may as well combat all of the “I wanna see it”s with some quizzes that actually point out some of the misrepresentations and outright lies. Or just take the quiz that RM already posted… its pretty funny!


  33. AtheistAcolyte says

    So I was mailing out my taxes today (I know, I know, procrastination central), when I was handed a pamphlet containing the text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as a conspicuously hidden leaflet folded up inside containing tax evasion propaganda. I chuckled at first, as I thought “I hope they didn’t pay for these brochures instead of their taxes,” but then I thought that that was a brilliant idea for disseminating facts about Expelled. Have someone design a small brochure, release the PDF to the internet and have anti-creationists print them on glossy paper at the local Kinko’s or copy shop and hand them out to people entering movie theatres running the movie. It could be good pre-education, containing information on scenes presented in the movie(i.e. “When they say this, these are the actual facts”), resources (such as this website) and suggestions like “Going to see Expelled? Pay for another movie instead!”

    Some skeptic out there’s got to have some good visual art skills. Come on, whip something up by Thursday and organize friends and neighbors. Could be great fun!

  34. Venus Mousetrap says

    What’s with the frame of a cartoon appearing at 1:02 like a subliminal message?

    It’s the frame that comes up in the preview before the video has started, so I guess it’s an error, but still, may want to check that out in case they run afoul of the laws about that kind of stuff.

  35. DanioPhD says

    Just sent this to my local newspaper:

    “On Friday, April 18th, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” will open at movie theaters in the Eugene/Springfield community. Although this film is billed as a documentary, it is actually a propaganda piece, containing numerous historical, scientific and factual errors, and endorsing the teaching of creationism, or “intelligent design” in the science classroom under the pretext of “academic freedom”.
    The National Center for Science Education has established a website to counter many of the claims made in this film. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of seeing “Expelled” to visit http://www.expelledexposed.com for a thorough and well-documented analysis of the subject matter and filmmaking process.”