1. mikespeir says

    You realize, of course, that this means Christians are “born that way,” and can’t help it. It makes Christianity excusable.

    Thank, uh, goodness I’ve been out of the “lifestyle” going on four years now, although those darned old genes are always trying to drag me back.

  2. says

    Do you think that somehow this will lead to a cure? I have always been in favor of a treatment method of beer and discussion, but haven’t been able to deomstrate much success. Perhaps they will develop a vaccine which can be slipped into the beer?

  3. amph says

    Now please stop harassing the poor Christians. They can’t help it, it is a genetic defect. Hopefully (but of course only with God’s help) some day there will be a cure. My money is on an approach involving lentiviruses and /or siRNAs. For the moment we can start developing a prenatal screening test.
    Meanwhile I have lots of questions. I’d like to know the details about the difference between christian and non-christian rats. Are catholic rats intolerant towards homosexuality? I never heard of such a phenotype (I mean gay-intolerance) in non-human animals.
    Finally, is Islam caused by another allele of the same gene, or is it an entirely different defect.

  4. speedwell says

    Well, that explains much. My father was deep into the life, as a Presbyterian church elder, and my brother is the same. You can always find him hanging out at one Christian club or another, especially the freaky establishment of the notorious activist celebrity Joel Osteen. Mom was a Christian too, but it appears to have been simply a perverted taste for the mystical, since the rest of her family is free of the taint. Now that I’ve been able to overcome my Christian tendencies with the help of forces greater than myself… Oh, wait.

  5. andyo says

    Hey, that’s Craig Reucassel from The Chase’s War on Everything, and the voice is of course Chris Taylor. This must be from their last episode special “The Chaser Decides”. I downloaded it, but I thought it was all about the past Australian elections so I didn’t get to see it yet completely. Of course it’s a parody, but these guys are notoriously atheist. They made a few jabs, but their best like about it was uttered by Andrew Hansen before taking a break for easter last year: “We’re all atheists, but we’re also hypocrites, so we’ll take easter off, see you then” or something like that.

    Other notorious jabs are the Jesus stain and the famous The Secret video.

    Also, look up the “eulogy song” on youtube.

  6. andyo says

    CNNN was the precursor show to the Chaser’s War on Everything, right?

    Posted by: Josh | March 29, 2008 8:56 AM

    I posted a comment before about this bit being probably part of The Chaser’s last episode of last year, which was a special about the election, and had this mock news format. It got withheld, I guess, since there were a couple of links.

  7. Nic Nicholson says

    Are we back to that “Nature v. Nurture” argument again? Those happy scientists are wrong!

    It’s their upbringing. No one was “born” with Christianity–it’s proselietized (did I spell that right?) right into them, I tell you!

    Now if you had said some people are “born stupid”, I might have been convinced.

  8. andyo says

    The answer to Josh’s question is yes. The Chaser’s War on Everything came after CNNN. We Aussies reckon the Chaser’s apex was the APEC stunt they pulled last year.

    Posted by: Shaun | March 29, 2008 9:24 AM

    Oh, I see now that CNNNN was a show that came before The Chaser’s War on Everything. I guess they just went back to CNNNN format for the election coverage.

    By the way, the APEC stunt was hilarious, but what made me almost wet myself was when they returned the next day with their cardboard motorcade.

    Are there any news of them coming back any time soon? I think I read on their website that they’re taking the first half of 2008 off, because people (from one of the shows they mock, maybe ACA) were complaining they were a waste of taxpayer money.

  9. Wazza says

    Isn’t there a real genetic basis to religion?

    Nothing this specific, but general types of religion…

  10. Nelson says

    Hosted by LiveLeak, I notice. Presumably this means that no Christians have issued death threats at anyone distributing this video…

  11. shonny says

    For more on the Chasers, check YouTube. They are well represented there.
    And they don’t hold back on religion.

  12. says

    Not really funny at all. It’s a bad attempt at satire.

    #4, I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but Onion-level satire is nothing to be proud of.

  13. Scrofulum says

    I don’t know. Some of it may be genetic, but what about those older men that prey on vulnerable youngsters, trying to get them to see their deviant ways as “normal”.

    I’m agin it. Agin it I say.

  14. amphiox says

    I would not be surprised at all if there turns out to be some genetic predisposition to belief or even faith. What that belief will be about is probably determined by the environment.

  15. Richard Harris says

    There obviously is no such thing as a gene for religion. However, there may be a number of genes that predispose their carriers to conformist behaviour, particuarly where authority figures are involved.

    There is evidence that, in at least some primitive societies, those who obeyed the priests & went along with the religious observances prospered. The genes for such behaviour would therefore spread preferentially.

    I liked the implication in the final comment in the video, “There is a choice, which is good for Xians everywhere.”

  16. Nick Gotts says

    There may be a genetic basis to “religiosity”, because extreme religiosity does seem to be connected with temporal lobe epilepsy (Devinsky, O. and Lai, G. “Spirituality and religion in epilepsy”, Epilepsy Behav. 2008 May;12(4):636-43. Epub 2008 Jan 2.) If this is correct, there is at least sometimes an identifiable physiological basis, and I would guess susceptibility to temporal lobe epilepsy would be heritable to some degree. If it can be definitively shown that there is heritable variation in religiosity, this would raise interesting scientific questions about why such variation exists, and yet another puzzle for at least the Abrahamic religions: why would God be so unfair as to impose a handicap on those with low innate religiosity in the race for salvation?

  17. speedwell says

    @Nick Gotts: Interesting point. My mom was the first Christian and the first narcoleptic in her family, and she grew progressively worse. When I was in elementary school, she was insistent on church attendance. When I was in high school, the church womens’ group was practically her whole social life. When I was in college and shortly after, she divorced Dad and started going to a “Bible-believin'” Baptist church. Later she started attending televangelist seminars. By the time she died (I was in my early thirties), she had moved in with her mother, was attending a very fringey, fundamentalist, “Holy Spirit filled” church, had resisted conventional medicine for her terminal breast cancer because her preacher told her God was using her cancer to bring people to their knees in prayer, and browbeat my grandmother into pretending to be “saved” because Grandma would have bitten her own arm off at the shoulder if it made Mom feel better. Grandma is a good actress. :D

  18. Duncan says

    If they were ‘born that way’, then what is to account for all the ‘born that way-agains’?

    I’m confused.

  19. Sean Walker says

    Do you think we could develop some siRNA for use on Casey Luskin… oh heck, lets just use it on the whole discovery institute. That’d be a good test of the ID’s not religion hypothesis.

  20. Dustin, OM says

    Clearly, this is the work of the Expelled people….

    no i think the south park people made this because it’s just so crazy oh my god you guys!

  21. EntoAggie says

    My favorite part:

    “Christianity is a lifestyle CHOICE. It’s perfectly NATURAL!”


  22. T. Melorin says

    Very, very good. Even those whiny about the content have to give props to the execution. Right down to the ambient noise and the meandering montages, it was a spot on satire of local news.

  23. reinis says

    Alex, nope, you’re just a humorless twat with a bit too loud a mouth. this video is plain brilliant

  24. Gretta says

    Whoever the creators of the video are I hope they make some more for us to enjoy. What a great way to start the weekend with so much laughter!

  25. David Denning says

    Absolutely wonderful! My side aches and I’m having trouble wiping all the laughter tears out of my eyes.

  26. Tom says

    Yes CNNN was made by The Chaser crew in Australia. The Americans who have seen this might like to note that this show was produced using Australian federal tax dollars.

  27. Richard Eis says

    Not as cool as the last vid, but still pretty damn good. Oh, if only it were true.

  28. Roger Scott says

    To the confused above, this is the work of a team of comedians based in Sydney, Australia. They started out as a parody of CNN. They concocted a transnational organisation called the Chaser Corporation. The spoof TV show was Chaser Nonstop Network News, hence CNNN. The real CNN apparently considered suing but wiser heads prevailed. The 28 min CNNN shows were brilliant, side-splittingly funny. Taping them was a must, as the moving text was easy to miss. It was unrelenting and right up there for irreverent jokes. They poked fun at everyone, even themselves. This especially included egomaniacal journalists who were more interested in ratings via showy items than reporting facts.

  29. says

    Whoever the creators of the video are I hope they make some more for us to enjoy. What a great way to start the weekend with so much laughter!

    Posted by: Gretta | March 29, 2008 4:13 PM

    I had linked to a couple other Chase videos, but the comments got held. Many of us are waiting for The Chaser’s War on Everything to come back for 2008 they did 2 seasons. Look up their videos on youtube, or just bit torrent them. They are quite popular in the internets, and they encourage youtubing their videos and downloading, since they are smart and do appreciate how hugely popular it has made them.

    Anyway, not to have this comment held, I embedded the video on my name. Click on my name to see the video, but it’s not for the squeamish, or if you’re somehow having something to eat. It is MUCH more in-your-face than this one.

  30. Gretta says

    Thanks andyo. It didn’t all load for me but I could hear all the audio. That was hilarious too.

  31. Dustin, OM says

    To the confused above, this is the work of a team of comedians based in Sydney, Australia.

    I now know the awful truth: in much the same way it is impossible to write a parody of Christianity which is unmistakably a parody, it is impossible to write a parody of Pharyngula comments which is also unmistakably a parody.

  32. windy says

    “it is impossible to write a parody of Pharyngula comments which is also unmistakably a parody”

    What else do you expect in an echo chamber for juvenile athiest sycophants? And why can’t we be a bit more civil towards each other?

  33. Dustin says

    And why can’t we be a bit more civil towards each other?

    I’m not sure, actually. After all, it isn’t as though comments like:

    What else do you expect in an echo chamber for juvenile athiest sycophants?

    are inviting snarky responses. Shit, that was so motherfucking cordial — I don’t know why anyone would want to do anything but give you a hug and a foot massage.

  34. wildlifer says

    “This media item has been removed due to copyright/terms of service violation.”

  35. pedlar says

    uh, Dustin, was that a parody of Windy’s parody?

    I only ask because, ya know, it’s impossible to write a parody of Pharyngula comments which is also unmistakably a parody. Or did someone say that already?

  36. Rey Fox says

    “Clearly the work of Jib Jab.”

    You’re an idiot. It’s obviously Stone & Parker. Didn’t you see the beady eyes and bouncing skulls on those Canadian scientists?

  37. Dustin's Sanity Has Been Shattered says

    *rocks back in forth in the corner muttering about gnomes*

  38. Owlmirror says

    *rocks back in forth in the corner muttering about gnomes*

    1. Make meta references
    2. ?
    3. Profit!
  39. DLC says

    Right… now is this any way to frame Science ?
    These people should just keep their heads down and let someone better suited take on this Christian Gene issue. (/end sarcasm)

    Well done! very funny!

  40. Michael X says

    Dateline March 30th, late. (Or early depending on when you get up)

    Irony and Satire were murdered today while participating in two videos on the popular science blog Phyarngula. The coroners office has declared the cause of death to be stray words haphazardly shot from the mouths of unwitting commenters. Also at the scene was Humor who was badly injured and is currently in critical condition. Doctors have offered aid, but humor simply laughed them off, saying that she “already has the best medicine.” She then added, “I’m kidding, only jackasses believe that, now gimmie some morphine damnit.”

  41. says

    reinis, #41: Although you may have not realized this, humor is subjective. I think the premise is funny, but the report itself was unfunny.

  42. andyo says

    Thanks andyo. It didn’t all load for me but I could hear all the audio. That was hilarious too.

    Posted by: Gretta | March 29, 2008 6:55 PM

    That’s strange, it’s just a youtube video. Anyway, my original post is up now at #11, there’s the other Chaser videos liked Also, search for “eulogy song” and “if life were a musical”. Those Chaser guys are the best to happen in TV comedy since Colbert.

  43. andrew says

    Parents, don’t be depressed for your christian child! It’s not your fault, you’re just a recessive carrier. The good news is that modern medicine can do something for you: with your next embryo, you now can go and have it checkes and selected for being homozygously atheist, an achievement that will change the world. Or you can even have your child cured by gene therapy if you can put up with its little side effects like cancer. But what’s life worth beleiving in Jesus, anyway?