1. Richard Harris says

    Hey, the cop’s just doing his job, taking action to defend the powers of FAITH from the assault of REASON. What the heck! That makes him complicit too. What a sucker!

  2. Matt says

    Richard Harris is posting on your blog, PZ? Not only are you part-cephalapod, you have a call that extends beyond the grave…

  3. Shane says

    PZ, it makes you look more like Gerry Adams… not a good look, sweetie! :-)

    It’s the best story in ages. Next thing the DI will come up with, undoubtedly, will be the “Protocols of the Elders of Darwinism.” Or maybe “Excreted” is indeed that.

  4. andyo says

    The pocket on your shirt changes sides.

    Continuity error!

    And the cop is ambidextrous. I did find this comic funny though when I read it through Greg Laden’s links.

  5. mayhempix says

    Great cartoon and spot on in it’s absurdity in the face of fundamentalist absurdity.

    If only the muttonchops had been drawn bushier than the rest of the beard
    he would have nailed PZ in all three frames.

  6. Rey Fox says

    I can’t remember, which tentacle was the evil one, the Purple Tentacle or the Green Tentacle?

  7. CalGeorge says


    Hedges speweth.

    The Dangerous Atheism of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris

    “These New Atheists and Christian radicals have built squalid little belief systems that are in the service of themselves and their own power. They urge us forward into a nonreality-based world, one where force and violence, where self-exaltation and blind nationalism are an unquestioned good. They seek to make us afraid of what we do not know or understand. They use this fear to justify cruelty and war. They ask us to kneel before little idols that look and act like them, telling us that one day, if we trust enough in God or reason, we will have everything we desire.”

  8. extatyzoma says

    holy moses, is that a single point mutation of your most vital organ?? impressive.

  9. trj says

    Frankly, PZ, I always imagined you to be more of a multi-tentacled overlord, Chtulhu-style.

    But perhaps your other tentacles are just out of frame, holding your popcorn?

  10. says

    @15, The purple ofcourse. Green became good after the first movie.

    I think it’s classic that not only is PZ in the film, thanked by the film, he’s also the number one promoter of the film. Honestly, how many people would have cared or heard about this if not for PZ. The science blogosphere is about 1000 times the size of the non-science blogosphere. Some have noted this with web statistics and the like but frankly I don’t think I would have heard about this movie at all if not for PZ, I’ve heard of it from several places all of whom heard about it from him.

  11. Rita Bennett says

    Groucho Marx said;

    “Humph, I’ve been thrown out of better places than this!”

    (OK, not his actual words, but it has his flavor.)

    This 60 something, 5 foot 2 inch female was thrown out of an art museum because I put my hand on a guard’s shoulder. He told his supervisor I had assaulted him. Guard was a 6 foot, 40 something pudgy guy. When the supervisor saw me, I’m sure he was surprised, but he still asked me to leave and offered to refund my admission fee, which I declined because I love museums. My girlfriend who was with me that day and I have dined on this story for several years now.

    Always and forever, PZ RULES.

  12. Kseniya says

    Oh, he’s just trying to unite everyone under The Big Tentacle of science and rationality.

  13. Penon says

    Ok, I get the last panel of the strip, but what’s up with the robot, chicken and koala bear standing in shadow in the first? I think I’m missing something. Hopefully not that PZ’s better half is a fuzzy Australian.

  14. says

    Sorry to be slightly OT, but…

    … When I was a 9-year-old kid in 1955, I’d just seen the Disney film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” I recall telling my family that I felt the very best part was when “the giant squid grabbed the Nautilus with its testicles.”

  15. Bride of Shrek says

    Another flaw in continuity.In frame one you’re, ummmm, ‘dressing to the left”. In the next frame you’re, umm, “drifting to the starboard”.

    …unless of course you actually do adjust the junk every couple of seconds in real life.


  16. MH says

    Looks more like Wesley Elsberry to me (though admittedly, he would have turned into a mighty eagle in the third frame).

  17. Janine, ID says

    Um, Bride, I think the little tentacle moves from side to side the same way his shirt pocket changes sides. It is done with mirrors.

  18. Michael X says

    Rey, I think it was the purple one. And you win teh internets for making the reference.

  19. says

    Has there ever been an accurate picture of Pee Zed? We know (this is all from memory):

    * He’s got tentacles (but I’m not sure anyone’s lived long enough to count them, so we don’t know how many?).

    * He has horns (apparently hairy ones, since he can shave them).

    * He has a retractable(?) forked(?) tail. (Not sure if the colour is known?)

    * He can disguise himself as a mild-manner Mad Professor of Evilutionary Atheism, complete with hairy face.

    And the concensus seems to be he looks something like a squid, albeit which squid species he most resembles, and the size, are not clear.

    That’s quite a range of attributes–and I’m sure I’m forgetting some–so perhaps he can physically morph. Is Pee Zed a shapeshifter?

  20. bPer says

    Penon @#35 asked:

    what’s up with the robot, chicken and koala bear standing in shadow in the first? I think I’m missing something.

    I took the figures in silhouette to be an homage to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, commonly referred to as MST3K. Check out the first image and you’ll see why.


  21. cureholder says

    Not only is the cop ambidextrous, but his shirt pocket and sleeve patches manage to migrate to whichever side he is using for writing at the moment . . .

    Why draw the cop twice when you can simply flip the image?