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    It’s supposed to be about the MergerWatch Project. Although, Greydon Square was supposed to be on the show. MargerWatch is pretty important, however. I guess you’ll just have to listen to see how interesting it is. The podcast should be up later today.

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    I actually missed this week, but for good reason. I was actually able to get up early from a long night of chemically inducing amnesia and haul ass to the American Atheists convention for the debate. I’ll try to remember to check out the podcast later.

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    Off topic:

    On the Expelled expulsion:

    Bruce Chapman has made a show of accepting criticism, writing “Frankly, I wish the producers would have a special pre-release screening for the Darwinists who are interviewed in the film.”

    Is there any way PZ could use the words against Chapman and demand that all the scientists interviewed be granted a showing and a press conference afterwards.

    Why wouldn’t the producers want that kind of publicity if they were honest?