1. jeh says

    “I … love … you.” Squid equivalent of sad, big-eyed abandoned puppy paintings.

  2. Anon says

    Awww… looks like he belongs on a milk carton, with a “Have you seen me?” caption…

  3. LisaJ says

    Awww, what a cutie!
    #1, you made me laugh out loud! (and now all my lab mates think I’m weird).

  4. Lilly de Lure says

    That is awfully cute.

    Is it a young one, as I tend to think from its big eyes and short limbs, or am I being too anthropomorphic?

    I think that both big eyes and short tentacles are characteristic for this species but, having said that, these do seem to be taken to the extreme in this little darling so it’s possible it’s a baby.

    it is adorable though, I know that!

  5. Michelle says

    AWWWRRR! I want to give it a biiiiiiiiiiiig hug!

    Is it big enough for my hug?

  6. horrobin says

    It’s a promotion for some Japanese product, right?

    This is about as far as you can go with that pedomorphic, “awww”-triggering design before it ends up just a circle with gigantic eyes and limb buds.

  7. Kseniya says

    Brownian for Molly!


    This is about as far as you can go

    Yeah! I agree! So how about this guy? (Please note: He’s deadly.)

  8. Kseniya says

    Oh I forgot to say, that IS a very cute critter!

    I have a confession, though. To me, it looks a bit like… like…


    …like a Christmas candy!

  9. says

    So this one time, Jesus and I were at White Water in Atlanta. We’re floating in the Lazy River when all of a sudden, there’s a purple trail following Jesus, and it ain’t his Lent garment. Ends up, White Water puts that stuff in the water that makes it turn purple when you pee in it. So everybody had a big laugh at Jesus’ expense, except the guy in the inner tube directly behind Jesus; he didn’t think that shit was funny.

    So I bought Jesus a hot dog and a Coke, but it was like $8 so I was like, “J-Man, you owe me.” Then he starts ranting about crucifixion and eternal damnation and a bunch of other shit that I mostly ignored — things quickly got out of hand and, long story short, security escorted us out the door so we just went to Six Flags and dangled loogies from the sky-carts.

    That Jesus, always making a scene.

  10. mona says

    We all can agree, squid, you have the eyes,
    but how could your species ever live and survive?
    You’re keeping your genes remaining intact
    by being too cute for a fish to attack!

  11. Bride of Shrek says

    I like the way its all misty looking and artistic.

    Impressionist squid.

  12. says

    Kyle R: That was you? I was laughing my ass off, but these guys I knew were hangin’ with this guy who’s apparently Shiva’s cousin or something and he brought him along, and I thought Shiva might be on something, because he was totally all like, “I’m going to kill him” and whipped his snowcone at the ground but it accidentally splashed on some lady who called security and I was a like, “Not cool, Shiva” but it turns out he’d just been dumped and we ended up going for coffee after, and then it turned to beers, and by the end of it he was totally apologising for everything (and he even slipped the lady a few bucks for drycleaning) and it turned out to be a really fun time.

  13. Crudely Wrott says

    Looks like a floating helmet with a face hanging from it. But it’s cute! Oh yes, it’s cute.

    I wonder how they would taste flash fried and by the handful . . .

  14. says

    Awwwww… that is absolutely adorable. I MUST find a way to create translucent tentacles so I can sculpt one of these.