1. says

    That Jesus is way too big for crucifixion on that little bitty cross he’s got. He should take it back to Home Depot and demand one in his size.

  2. says

    Yeah, whatever happened to God’s wrath? Back in the good ol’ days He’d never let Syria get away with, well, being home to Syrians. Where are the pillars of salt and the bolts from heaven?

    Where exactly in the Bible does He say He’s going to abdicate His authority and pass the smiting on to middlemonkeys like GW Bu(ll)sh(it) anyways?

  3. Holbach says

    Looks like that big jeebus is taunting the intelligent
    designed tornado to come down and shred it! I made you,
    you freaking mindless whirl of energy and I dare you to
    pick me up and scatter me in stanley’s yard!

  4. SeanH says

    Oh my, that thing. I was living in Dayton when they put it up. Glen’s got the right of it. That picture doesn’t show it well, but there’s a great big pool of water in front of him. From the highway it looks like Jesus is drowning and begging someone to throw him a rope.

  5. Chaplain says

    O Lord…
    Ooh, You are so big…
    So absolutely huge…
    Gosh, we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell You.

  6. Rey Fox says

    To me it looks like he’s encased in the lake of ice with Satan in the city of Dis in the 9th circle of Hell, raising his arms in anguish at the God who has forsaken him. To further add insult, the symbol of his torture and sacrifice has been…sorta placed next to him.

  7. Carl says

    Sometimes it’s really embarrassing living in Cincinnati. First we had the riots in ’99, then we (not me) elected GWB twice, then “Touchdown Jeebus,” and now the Creation Museum. At least Jeebus and the Creation Museum are technically not in Cincinnati.

    On a more positive note, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has proclaimed today Darwin Day!

  8. Larry says

    Mega-Jesus! When being the son-of-god just isn’t enough.

    (now, with extra holiness at no additional charge)

  9. HP says

    Another Cincinnati Pharyngula reader here. I don’t really have anything to add to the Big Butter Jesus/Touchdown Jesus/Giant Zombie Jesus Has Risen from the Grave discussion, but since there are so many Cincinnatians here, I thought we could take over the comment thread with pointless local chatter.

    How about that ice, huh? Took me 20 minutes to clear my windshield this morning. Roads weren’t too bad, I guess. Beechmont by 275 was a little sloppy.

  10. SteveM says

    Re #12:
    Is it really so surprising that the tallest object for miles around would get hit by lightning? Don’t they get thunderstorms there? What would be miraculous is if it never gets hit.

  11. aiabx says

    I’m embarrassed to say I don’t get the “Big Butter Jesus” joke. Anyone feel like explaining?

  12. says

    I was driving through Ohio last year and encountered that thing. Man, what an eyesore. Even my christian wife thought it was horrible.

    There’s even a song about it (link in a post I wrote here).

  13. Mark says

    I used to commute regularly from Cincinnati to Dayton. I know I’m not the only one who had fantasies of being rich enough to buy the land on the other side of I75 and build a statue of a giant quarterback about to pass, or a kicker. No one would ever build a giant publicly visible idol again.

  14. Richard Harris says

    Hey, Jebus is reaching out to Lilith, judging by the expression on his face. He wants the succubus.

  15. Strakh says

    HA! Love the one with “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”
    Great salute to a much better man than the fictional jeebus, Jean Shepherd.

  16. joeschmo says

    Mark has a great idea.
    another completely childish and yet awesome idea: There are hundreds of crosses peppering our highways. Put up billboards with the letters S-H-I, or K-U-N or F-U-C, B-U-T, or BULLSHI, across the road from all these eyesores. Step 7: sit back and see what happens.

  17. Carl says

    @ #13

    Hey HP,
    I’m guessing we probably live pretty close to each other. I live about 2 miles east of the 275-125 ramps.

  18. Holbach says

    This is so pathetic and mind deadening. A well known
    book club is currently offering this:

    The Resurrection by Geza Vermes
    “A masterful work of scholarship, this is a balanced
    look at one of the most misunderstood events in Christianity.”

    Makes the mind go dead with incredulity.

  19. wotthe7734 says

    @ aiabx: It’s a shade of off-white that’s very similar to butter.

    I wonder: Why is it that of all religious figures, JC lends himself to by far the most tackiness?

  20. says

    I wonder: Why is it that of all religious figures, JC lends himself to by far the most tackiness?

    I liked Jesus a lot better before he bleached his skin to deny his semitic heritage.

  21. Rey Fox says

    “I wonder: Why is it that of all religious figures, JC lends himself to by far the most tackiness?”

    Possibly because the guys in charge won’t let anyone depict Mohammed pictorally. But somehow, I bet that if you were to go to China or Japan, you could find all sorts of Buddha kitsch. Anyone have any confirmation (or denial)?

  22. WillEyedOney says

    A friend who lives in Dayton told me about that statue a while back. I call it ‘The Quicksand Jesus’.

  23. Bride of Shrek says

    Ah, I wish I was a pigeon. It would be the pinnacle of my life to finally take a literal, and not just figurative, dump on Jebus.

  24. says

    Oh that statue’s nothing. What we ought to be watching out for is Jeebus’ mom. Canada-based faith healer Fr. Fernando Suarez and his band of deluded supporters are planning on building one of the tallest statues of Mary in the next couple of years. It’ll be a “33-story-high statue of Mary Mother of the Poor which will be about as high as the Statue of Liberty and higher than Christ the Redeemer of Brazil.”

    The Virgin Mom rules!

  25. havoc says

    Haha… Good old Solid Rock Church. My hometown is one exit away from that thing on I-75. It’s good entertainment. That church also has a giant neon sign that flashes all these ridiculous messages on it. You know the type: God answers knee-mail! etc.