1. craig says

    yay trilobites.
    As soon as the snow melts I’m going trilobite hunting. I want to buy an air scribe and teach myself fossil preparation.

  2. Ichthyic says

    never ceases to amaze me how well those Phacops eyelets get preserved.

    it’s like they still can see you…

    always been my favorite trilobites.

  3. Ichthyic says

    …btw Phacops played a role in the evidence used by Gould and Eldredge in formulating Punc Eq.

  4. CortxVortx says

    Re: #2

    Trilobites are really neat

    Trilobites are full of meat

    We love eating trilobites!

    And name it “Tibby.”

  5. Tony Popple says

    I have long maintained that Intelligent Design is obvious once you realize that the Universe was created for worms. This revelation about Trilobites only strengthens my personal belief.

    Humans are just an overly elaborate way of concentrating nutrients.

  6. Stephen says

    The Trilobite Beetle of Borneo is really the son of Mighty Trilobite, sent to Earth to save us from our grins. This time It will only need one nail and a lollypop(popsicle) stick.

  7. Andy James says

    The Trilobite Lord has the distinct benefit of being a once extant entity. Unlike the pretend lords of every other religion. (Cave bear cults excepted).

  8. Ichthyic says

    but it’s difficult to give up my current religion.

    I will be sending a large shark to your door to help you with that “decision”.

    Fish rule.

    (all hail Dagon)

  9. wildcardjack says

    Got kinda boring and repetitive, which I guess guarantees protection for them as having all the pertinent characteristics of a religion.

  10. Adam Cuerden says

    Is it wrong to wish that those hands weren’t always getting in the way of some really lovely fossils?

  11. says

    Lo, for the trilobite is the Holy Trinity, and twice such!

    For the trilobite hath Three Lobes, being the left pleural lobe, the axial lobe, and the right pleural lobe. And from this Three-Lobes-In-One does the trilobite receive Its Holy Name.

    Lo, but again, the Trilobite is Three-In-One for it is also made of three parts from anterior to posterior. And the Anteriormost is the Holy Cephalon, from which It Seeth, er, see-eth, errr, looketh on all through its Calcitic Eyes, and toucheth all with its antennae. And behind the Holy Cephalon is the Mighty Thorax, and behind that the Pygidium (which is known to the high practitioners also as the “trilobutt”).

    And lo, for the Holy Trilobite is such that it even reacheth out to the skeptics, for it manifests itself also as the Agnostida, whom the unlearned say looketh as if their cephala and pygidia are the same, yet to the high practitioners there are the clues to show which is which.

    May these please the Holy Trilobite, that It doth not grasp me with Its spiky gnathobases nor jab me with Its conterminant hypostome and shove me into its Holy (but wholly lacking in jointed mouthparts) Mouth.

    In the name of the Holaspid, the Protaspid, and the Holy Meraspid, Amen.

  12. noncarborundum says

    On second glance, trilobites do look a lot like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Yea, brother. Have you been touched by his biramous appendage?