It ain’t the presidential primary, that’s for sure

It’s another meaningless internet award thingumabob—Pharyngula is up for Best Science Blog against my perennial nemesis, Bad Astronomy. It’s also up for most controversial blog, against some rather ugly company. Vote or don’t — I’m just marveling that I’m in the same category with Perez Hilton.


  1. says

    Personally I’d like to see one blog, one category, but hey, I think you’re more controversial than scientific, so maybe we can work out a deal…

  2. says

    Well, I have noticed before that sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether I’m reading Pharyngula or the Perez Hilton blog, but the others appear to have been picked at random.

  3. Janine says

    You know, I just realized, there is just not enough gossip about the actions and thoughts of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton at this site.

  4. Chinchillazilla says

    Maybe you should meet the public halfway and discuss how Britney Spears’s self-destructive habits evolved.

  5. says

    Little Green Footballs is also one of the “Most Controversial” nominees. The only controversy about LGF is that there are actually people who think Charles Johnson should be taken seriously.

    Anyway, congrats on the nominations… I guess. I’ll bet you can even get the creationists to vote for you in this election.

  6. says

    Congrats on the nominations. I would push pharyngula into the “Most Controversial” category over the “Best Science” category. You spend too much time dealing with science issues that were resolved 100+ years ago (albeit with improvements since then). I, for one, applaud that you spend so much time dealing with it, because it needs to be dealt with aggressively. But that time detracts from time you could be spending promoting the “Best Science.”

  7. Ross Nixon says

    Bother! No this time. Someone slipped up then. I blame Michael Mann. ;-)

  8. wildcardjack says

    If it makes you feel any better, PZ, you look a lot more attractive than Perez Hilton.

  9. says

    Who nominates these things? It looks to me like the “performancing” site owner just throws a few of his favorite blogs into the hopper to get people to come to his site for a voting contest and knows that Phil and PZ can drive up his traffic. Did anyone else notice that the other blogs in the “Science” category are gizmo shilling sites?

    To me it looks like a way to fatten his Adsense account if nothing else, or else he gets pay-per-click from the product review sites.

    Neat trick, and not a bad idea.

    Watch for the “Tangled Up in Blue Awards” as soon as I add a few more widgets into my content style sheet. I promise to include some annoying dancers, too.

  10. Hank Fox says

    You know your civilization is seriously fucked up when an aversion to lies becomes controversial.

  11. says

    You vs. Perez?! Now that’s going to be a tough election-year choice…

    I remember how Carl Sagan used to get criticized for popularizing science “too much” – going on Johnny Carson, etc. – very snobby criticism I thought. Seriously, this is a good thing – maybe some Perez readers will stumble on Pharyngula and be a bit enlightened.


  12. says

    Paul T #15

    I went to John Chow’s site and he sells web optimization, monetizing your blog, has ads for $450 “site reviews” and other services that I see so much of. The people that used to be into selling envelope stuffing and other things to make quick money at home are now selling “services” to people who think that blogging is the new way to riches.

    I have been to blogs whose only purpose is to aggregate affiliate programs. The blogs themselves are meaningless articles touting the latest avenue to easy wealth. This “Performancing Awards” scam is just another scheme to grab traffic. PZ and Phil are being used because of their notoriety. I would guess that Perez is clueless about it.

  13. Dr. J says

    I’m embarrassed to admit this–but Pharyngula and Perez Hilton actually are the two sites I hit on a daily basis–one to find things to think about, one to find things I don’t have to think about (you get to decide which is which).

  14. says

    ugh, Jacoby. Along with Jonah Goldberg, proof that talent and intellect are not requirements for conservative columnists.

  15. Bride of Shrek says

    What about an award for “Best Facial Hair on a Blog” . PZ wins hands down.

  16. maxi says

    Well Pharyngula is whooping Bad Astronomy’s ass in the Best Science Blog category.

    But who is hell is John Chow?