Classes aren’t quite over, but I gave my last lecture for the fall 2007 semester today. I still have a discussion session, a lab, and an exam to give, but it’s still something of a landmark in the trajectory of the term. No more lecture prep! No more daily theatrical performances! What’s left is more like friendly conversation and accounting.

I have this six-pack of homebrew from Dave Puskala waiting for me in the refrigerator at home…I’m opening one tonight.


  1. stogoe says

    Do you folk get New Glarus on your side of Minnesota? It’s brewed in Wisconsin(*hiss!*) but it’s really good.

  2. says

    Good to hear, PZ. For my part? I’ve got one last exam in about an hour and a half – While I’ve little appreciable leeway in terms of marks, it’s open book and the review I took notes for was quite thorough. So if I don’t actually seize up in panic on the test room floor, I should be alright.

    But enough about me…

  3. says

    Last class period was yesterday. One of my classes is working on their research projects so I agreed to hold special office hours today. Two hours and ten minutes in and we have zero students making an appearance thus far.

  4. Schmeer says

    “…zero students making an appearance thus far.”

    I’d guess that the probability of a large crowd arriving increases as t approaches t(dealine).

  5. says

    I’d guess that the probability of a large crowd arriving increases as t approaches t(dealine).

    Then they’ll be S.O.L. Office hours today and tomorrow; project due next Tuesday and I’m not on campus again until then :)

  6. Bill Dauphin says

    Occasionally I see a story and think “gee, I wonder what the folks at Pharyngula would say about that.” Sometimes I get lucky, and PZ blogs on the issue, or on something plausibly related, and I get to ask my question. Sometimes, though, I just get frustrated.

    Since this is about as close to an open thread as this place ever gets, I thought I’d just rudely barge into it and ask for comments about this report of a study purporting to show that human evolution is getting faster over time, not slower.

    It’s one of those stories that I find fascinating, but whose plausibility I’m completely unqualified to evaluate. How lucky that I know a community of folks who are qulified, no?

  7. Bokanovsky Process says

    “Prep? Oh, common, PZ, we are not children.”

    Darn right. Professors only work six hours a week, PZ. David Horowitz said so!

  8. mothra says

    It’s finals week here, I gave my last lecture seven days ago. To quote mine a classic Star Trek- “only one last duty to perform.”

  9. says

    I think my classes end tomorrow, but I still have an NSF proposal, a paper, and two exams. I am envious of people who are already done.

  10. Bill Dauphin says


    Thanks for the response. It’s funny how different popular articles about the same scientific study can give the subject different spins, isn’t it. But the underlying study seems to be respectable, “real” science? That’s what I was really trying to confirm.


  11. says

    Nah, finals are next week. It’s “study time” this week. But, I’m teaching a couple new courses next semester and I’ve got to design them. Holidays? I’ll be ready to have a few moments of time 0ff during Festivus!