1. LM says

    Oh man. I am SO starting up my night elf Druid again over winter break. Stupid school, keeping me from my beloved Azeroth!!!

    Who am I kidding, Outland is WAY cooler than Azeroth.

  2. Schmeer says

    Wow. Now that was nerdy. I mean, they were obviously using an old rule set for their D&D campaign. Buy some new books guys. All the cool kids have them.

  3. inkadu says

    “You threw historical accuracy out the window when you brought that iron broad sword into a bronze-age campaign setting.”

    Nuh-uh. The bronze age in the middle east ended by 1100 B.C.E.

    What a bunch of dorks not to know that.

    Also AC20 on a shield? Weak. That DM needs to be fired.

  4. Dread Polack says

    Haha! I was certainly nerdy enough to appreciate this, including the Tanuki, although I only get 5 points for that, since I couldn’t remember what it was called.

    I was waiting for “Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!”

  5. Morgan says

    I mean, they were obviously using an old rule set for their D&D campaign.

    Nah, they just threw a load of World of Warcraft into the mix.

    The d20 is not a damage die! Paladins can’t be Lawful Evil! Also that was brilliant.

  6. Gobaskof says

    I am defiantly nerdy enough, I just arrived home from playing D&D. Saying that I have never gone to any LARP, bit too much for me.

  7. windy says

    Actually that doesn’t seem so incredible after you’ve seen the traditional Finnish nativity play “Tiernapojat”, where the birth of Jesus gets upstaged by more exciting things like a power struggle between king Herod and ‘the king of the Moors’. Does this mean that Finns are nerds? :)

  8. says

    I have to throw agree with whomever said the BA ended in 1100 in the region (though I would usually hit more around 1200 BCE), it would have been much more accurate to say Hellenistic Period.

  9. says

    Wow, all those strange urges to play AD&D with y fat basement friends came back. Seriously, I want to play. Anyone got a game set up?

  10. SabrinaW says

    Awesome! That’s an actual anime? I gotta go find it now.

    “Baby Jesus is a better cleric…”

  11. says

    Wait a minute…What nerd worth his salt would be fishing in a bin for a copy of Highlander 2? A director’s cut of Highlander yes, but any TRUE nerd would be chewing out the management of the store for even stocking the vile crappiness that is Highlander 2.

  12. DLC says

    Poor party management! you keep the demon-summoner in the back rank where he can summon uninterrupted!

    And: no nerd worthy of the name would be shopping for Highlander 2. Now, the new HD-DVD of Star Trek ToS I could see.

  13. zayzayem says

    Anyone know the name of that anime.

    The credits looked real enough. Not like Kung Fu Jimmy Chow.

    The only thing I thought was suss against it being real was the “I’m in Ur Manger…” bit at the end.

    Classic gold. I wonder whose reputation I have to grind to get the reebok summoning spell.

  14. Julian says


    For a while, right after the introduction of 3.0 I think, they removed the alignment restrictions on paladins; the class was essentially turned into fightin’ religious zealots instead of lawful good exclusives. Thats also when they removed the human/dwarf requirement for being a paladin, but the changes didn’t go over too well so they didn’t last too long. Since then, Wizards has gone back to the old idea of just adding death knight/dark knight prestige classes for evil folks to stack onto warriors and clerics.

  15. brandon says

    How can Bill Donahue even talk about plots to corrupt children, when his church is basically a plot to fuck children? Mind-boggling.

  16. inkadu says

    Are you sure it’s the wrong thread? Are you sure you’re not a wizard summoning the demon Bill Donahue into this thread?

  17. says

    Sadly, yes– I am, in fact, nerdy enough to handle it. Plus, I made my sanity roll, so I only lost 1d4.