They’re trying to corrupt our holiday!

OK, I saw these links to weird decorations, and except for this set, there’s nary a cephalopod to be seen. And then I realized these aren’t squidmas decorations, they’re nerdmas decorations! Obscenity! Heresy! By not exclusively recognizing our sacred traditions and not snubbing alternatives, this is clearly an instance of the War on Squidmas.

Don’t allow this to happen. When someone waves a Mario Bros. ornament at you, or shows up wearing a stormtrooper helmet, or says “Happy Nerdmas!”, slap ’em with a tentacle and howl about how they’re oppressing you.


  1. says

    Fear not, PZ. Your holidaze shall be salvaged!

    As it turns out, my partner and I will be visiting some of her relatives in the fabled city of Providence and so we hall also be paying a visit to Lovecraft’s grave. There will be photos, and I’m sure that some pics taken at the final resting place of Cthulhu’s father will brighten your Squidmas considerably.

  2. Mark P says

    All of the various ?mases are just the many faces of the one true holiday: The Holy Shopping Season.

  3. says

    I also heard that nerd-enclave Best Buy will be avoiding use of the term “Squidmas” this year in their advertising. Do the heathen nerds know no bounds?

  4. HP says

    While I can certainly appreciate the traditions of mainstream Squidianity, as a practicing Cephalopotarian-Malacologist, I must object to the teuthist term “Squidmas.”

    As we approach the Winter Cephalopod Festival season, it’s important to remember that we are all spermatophores in Cephalopoda, be we octopodes, teuthids, sepiids, nautiloids, or yes, even neo-ammonoids.

  5. says

    Pah! I celebrate Newtonmass, so if anyone comes after me with a Mario Bros. decoration, I just drop an apple on their head.


  6. says

    or shows up wearing a stormtrooper helmet

    You’ve just described 85% of our friends. I mean, even not on holidays. I guess I need to buy some extra ‘podmas tentacles. What if we skip the tree this year, and just festoon a giant squid? Hrmmmm…..