1. Janus says

    I went to bed at 3:30am yesterday night (well, today, actually) to watch most of these. As good as the first BB was, BB2 was so much better!

    And I have to say, I can’t believe how… unlike your internet persona you are, PZ. I mean, obviously the opinions are the same, but the way of expressing them is completely different.

  2. AtheistAcolyte says

    Thanks a lot, PZ! I was actually looking to see if they had put them up yesterday. This brings joy to my cold, evilutionist heart.

  3. CalGeorge says

    I like the introducer’s comment about science being a candle in the dark.

    That makes the DI a candle snuffer. They come along and try to create darkness. Evil people!

    Looking forward to the whole thing.

  4. Steve Zara says

    Really worth watching. In particular, the discussions over the influence of the Templeton foundation were pretty interesting: I think, on balance, Harold Kroto came out as the winner, and a hero of mine – Shermer – somewhat tarnished.

  5. Aero says

    Wow, good stuff. I can’t wait to watch it all. But wouldn’t ya think with all them scientists and such around, someone could get the audio level right on the video? Had to turn the volume on the computer up so high that when I got mail, it set off car alarms in the parking lot before I could slap the mute button.

  6. RedMage13 says

    Does anyone know if they’re planning on releasing the videos in any format that doesn’t involve Google Video or other such video-streaming sites? I’m on what is (I believe) referred to as a “hella-slow” connection by the ISP, so in order to download and watch longer videos like this, I need to use torrents, or the Downthemall Firefox extension so that my downloads aren’t constantly interrupted. And, if there are no plans for this, maybe PZ himself could try to convince them to do so to help all of us suckers who still have a 15kb/s max download speed.


  7. RedMage13 says

    Jeff, too. Sorry, your comment wasn’t there when I tabbed the page open. <_< Yay, only... 12 hours until part one is downloaded... Crap.

  8. chriss says

    mmmm…video dinner…ears ready…eyes ready…time to learn lots for free…thanks for the tip PZ

  9. G. Tingey says

    There was a late 19th century French writer (I forget whom) who said that in every village there is a candle-lighter and an extinguisher.

    The candlelighter was the schoolmaster, and the extinguisher the priest.

    Can anyone source the quote?
    And would that it were true today!

  10. BrettS says

    I watched Sean Carroll’s talk (Oct 31 – #2) on the origin of the universe — highly recommended! Along with PZ, I think we need to get Sean a book deal!


  11. says

    “Wandering in a vast forest at night I have only a faint light to guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: My friend, you should blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly. This stranger is a theologian.” – Denis Diderot