1. Jsn says

    Cuttlefish, where are you? PZ has posted a picture in your honor (haven’t you, PZ?) and with all the hubbub over Salma’s enormous talents and reasons to believe the absurd I’m sure you can put it all to brilliant verse.

  2. says

    If recent threads are meant to hint, though subtly,
    That I’m called to speak, as Jsn suggests:
    I’ll only say, they really do look cuddly–
    Both cuttlefish, and Salma Hayek’s breasts.

  3. shiftlessbum says

    BTW, here’s a quote from that article about FSM cited above;

    “The letter made the rounds on the Internet, prompting laughter from some and vilification from others. But it struck a chord and stuck around. In the great tradition of satire, its humor was in fact a clever and effective argument.”

    “Betweeen the lines, the point of the letter was this: There’s no more scientific basis for intelligent design than there is for the idea an omniscient creature made of pasta created the universe. If intelligent design supporters could demand equal time in a science class, why not anyone else? The only reasonable solution is to put nothing into sciences classes but the best available science.”

    Well put, and by a journalist of all people.

  4. NeoGothic says

    Did you all catch the “militant atheist” jibe at the end of the article? They just can’t stop picking that scab, can they?

  5. Zeekster says

    My favorite part:
    “You have to keep a sense of humor when you’re studying religion, especially in graduate school,” Van Horn said in a recent telephone interview. “Otherwise you’ll sink into depression pretty quickly.”

  6. HolyRavioli says

    I hope they discuss the Holy Box that people have been looking for, for centuries. What a precious item that would be! To have the Holy Box that held his Noodly Appendages before the Last Supper when he was eaten, surrounded by his Loving Meatballs, the Sacred Garlic Bread and drinking the Holy Chianti in the Sainted Straw Basket! I’m faint with the thought of it (or hunger – it’s getting late in the afternoon). :-)

  7. astromcnaught says

    Man o man… 1am and no ceps
    2am, 3am, time passses sooo very slowly without my friday fix you know… 4am, 5am, 6am…

    We once met a cuttlefish in real life, under the seas. We swam about eagerly. You know, these things can communicate. “**** off!” it said, clear as day, in colours and bumps.

  8. Michael says

    I think we should all thank the great cephalopod in the sky for these amazing creatures! But in all seriousness, the displays that these creatures are able to put on never cease to amaze me. Oh, and Retrokatze awesome video