Friday Cephalopod: going for cute

I’m off at this meeting and neglecting the site a bit, so when you’ve got little time and you want something cute to make everyone go “awww,” what do you do? Find a picture of a cuttlefish, of course.



  1. Matt says

    He’s totally laughing at the camera…..”what, you people only have two appendages; I bet your memories are just as limited!”

  2. says

    The cutest of all of the cephalopods
    (And thus, of all creatures on Earth)
    Is the cuttlefish, cuter by staggering odds
    Than a puppy or kitten at birth.
    Attempting to list all the cuttlefish charms
    Is a noble, though hopeless, endeavor;
    From their tails, to their eyes, to their marvelous arms–
    And they’re oh-so-endearingly clever!
    The shifting displays their chromatophores show
    Are delightful to watch, don’t you think?
    And like every good poet, wherever they go
    They will never forget to bring ink.
    The award for “the cutest” is one they will keep;
    Let me say it direct, and not subtle–
    Beauty, they say, is only skin-deep
    But cuteness goes clear to the cuttle.

  3. says

    I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to pet a cephalopod. Such are the weird things one starts to think about upon becoming a Pharyngulite.

  4. Rich says

    Wow. That pic actually got an “awwwww” out of me before I even read the text. What a cutie.

  5. Arnosium Upinarum says

    Another beautiful entry into Friday Ceph! That fellow looks as if (s)he KNOWS how to POSE for somebody they KNOW is looking. Very curious…they ALWAYS look like they KNOW.

    Gives one the urge to give the fellow a hug.

  6. BJN says

    Love the cuttle ode. When I’ve been face-to-tentacles with cuttlefish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there’s a powerful impression that there’s “somebody home” behind those eyes. In tribute, my wife and I make the “sign of the cuttlefish” hand gesture to each other on occasion. Spread your pinky and thumb wide and curl your ring, middle and index fingers downward. At your option you can wiggle the center three fingers.