PZ Myers at the Scripps

While I’m here in San Diego, I’ll also be giving a talk/hosting a discussion at the Scripps Institute on Friday at 3:00. The title is:

Sharing science: education, activism, and advocacy

I’m planning on telling the attendees the secret to getting a million visits per month to their blogs. No, actually — I’m going to discuss and justify diverse approaches to getting the public engaged in science issues, and I plan to mention both what I consider to be successes (but which may not change the wider conversations) and failures (which even so are of value). And it’s open to the public! Come on down to Vaughn 100 on the Scripps Institution of Oceanograph (map), and join in the conversation.


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    Wish I could be there, PZ, but I’ll be at work then. Are you still thinking about having some sort of informal get-together while you’re in San Diego?

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    Try to be a little more precise about “Scripps Institution” if you would. The Scripps family has funded a very wide diversity of things in SD over the decades including the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (which is a unit of UCSD) and The Scripps Research Institute (independent not-for-profit research); people have a tendency to get confused over these two in particular.

    SIO has the better view so good on choosing that one…

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    I thought I should share this: The Discovery Institute responded to something I wrote, and in the process the author (after saying the designer could be anyone, not necessarily God) let slip that the designer’s identity is a theological problem!


    I hope some of PZ’s million readers will help document this inadvertent admission, before they get a chance to realize what they’ve done and change the web page!

  4. Dustin says

    I linked to that in the Halloween thread last night and nobody noticed. That story made my day.

  5. DrBadger says

    Aw man! Too bad I won’t be there until Saturday. Let us know if there’s a get together planned.

  6. Ichthyic says

    I linked to that in the Halloween thread last night and nobody noticed.

    yes, I see you did. I didn’t notice it either, probably because there wasn’t an explanation of what the link was for.

  7. MikeM says

    Dustin, Ichthyic, I beat both of you.

    Take THAT!

    (#72 in “Interesting Discussions…”)

    I take this as proof positive that I’m in your killfiles. For this, I congratulate you both for having excellent taste.

    Good job, guys!

  8. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    Faith? We don’t got no stinkin’ faith around here. You sure you’re one of us? ;-)

  9. Dustin says

    Yeah, I saw that headline. I’m not allowed to read those gossip stories or my codger quotient takes a hit.

  10. Ichthyic says

    You should really have more faith in my unbridled awesomeness.


    hey I thought your post was about the Great Pumpkin.

  11. fred says

    Another OT:
    Finalists for the 2007 Weblogs Awards:

    Best Science Blog
    * SciGuy
    * Junk Science
    * In the Pipeline
    * Journey By Starlight
    * Paryngula
    * Bad Astronomy Blog
    * Invasive Species Weblog
    * Sciencebase
    * Climate Audit
    * Bootstrap Analysis

    A very close thing for Pharyngula, but maybe PZ will have better luck next year.

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    Yeah, the twins are dinky little things. Being anorexic and under treatment for it doesn’t help matters any. Fact is, even a young lady of 21 can look a lot like a 13 year old girl.

  13. Ichthyic says

    Fact is, even a young lady of 21 can look a lot like a 13 year old girl.

    those two give me the “willies”.


  14. Jake says

    I realize much of your blog already meets this request, but if you have some sort of transcript or at least an outline of the talk, please post it.

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    PZ – Welcome to our (cough) beautiful city. Luckily we’ve had a number of days of onshore flow, lest everything still smell like a campfire.

    Even with the smoke and soot I’m proud of this place, for many reasons, not the least of which was the outpouring of support for those who lost homes to the fires last week. The smoke, and the people, both bring tears to my eyes.

    I hope I can find a way to sneak over to SIO tomorrow and meet you. I have a good friend who works there and your lecture would be a great excuse to go say hello.