1. Ichthyic says

    today’s Daily Show had John Stewart referring to the Senate as George to the House’s Lenny wrt to the meetings with Petraeus.

    quite apt, actually, as it did seem at times like the house reps were asking petreaus to tell them about the rabbits again.

  2. Peterte says

    Are US troops really facing problems at home such as repossessions? I haven’t heard of that here (UK) we just give them squalid housing and little medical support when they come home.

    What a f*ck up. Still can’t work out why the democratic nations think you can impose democracy in other countries. I honestly think it’s got to evolve; anywhere where tribal ties are stronger than national pride you just know it isn’t going to work.

    Sigh, thanks for introducing me to the work of Roy Zimmerman, always worth listening to.

  3. Xopher says

    Wow. That was powerful. It rekindled some of my anger that had long ago faded into jaded resignation. (Although it’s never far under the surface.)

    Thanks for the introduction to Roy Zimmerman, PZ. I hadn’t heard of him before, but you can bet I’ll be checking into him now.

    A veteran of the “first Gulf War”

  4. Kate Smith says

    Thanks for the intro to Roy Zimmerman – great song. That’s my kind of troop support: inject some sanity into the debate! (I speak as the wife of an NCO who’s been to Iraq once and Afghanistan twice, and will certainly deploy to Iraq again. I just hope he doesn’t have to deploy to Iran.)

  5. Lana says

    Boy, that made the hair stand up on my arms. He wrapped up the whole mess in four and a half minutes. “I don’t even know what mission there might be to abort.”

  6. Bob L says

    That’s a pretty darn good song even outside it’s content. Hopefully he’ll piss off some wingnut and Roy will get the recognition he deserves.

  7. savagemickey says

    I still like this video. It makes fun of the jackasses with their stupid magnetic yellow ribbons on their gas guzzling suv’s.

  8. Michael says

    Sadly, the people that need to hear that the most won’t hear it. Such as the people in their h3’s. If only they would play that on a major tv broadcast.