1. says

    “I’ll let you touch the…first editions…” *guffaw*

    What’s with the shushing librarian in eyeglasses stereotype, though? Shall we never overcome?

  2. says

    Come on, now, Kristine — the video also played with that other stereotype, that librarians are really hot behind those eyeglasses. Isn’t that fair recompense?

  3. Michael says

    This sounds like the Bastard Fairies. Very intelligent playful lyrics and music and a bit edgy, which most pharyngula folks would likely enjoy. You can actually download most of their current album for free through their site. The woman singing is Yellow Thunder Woman, who is a native american.

  4. Michael says

    I was wrong. It just sounded like them starting out.

    The Bastard Fairies though are very much a Pharyngula sort of band. A couple youtube samples. The first is “We’re all going to hell” with a video of people in ape masks.

    This next one has a title appropriate for Pharyngula, Exoskeleton. This one isn’t very polished…done on a webcam.

  5. says

    Isn’t that fair recompense?

    Excuse me, I’m looking for a video that features Tim Curry as a chortling, hand-rubbing librarian who files Ann Coulter in the compressed stacks and then sends the guys from Spinal Tap to go, er, check her out.

    Would I find that in “Criminal Justice Administration,” or in the Fiction section, or under “Stonehenge”? Mwahaha.

  6. Angie says

    For all frustrated and wannabe librarians out there… Catalogue your own books, add tags, pictures of the cover, ratings, etc. As a librarian not currently working I’m having a blast on this site. It satisfies my cravings…

  7. jotetamu says

    angie #9

    You’re right, LibraryThing is great. But you are presumably not the LT user angie – she has no books!

    Jim Roberts