1. complex_field says

    While I tend to be somewhat (i.e., completely) oblivious to social cues, I believe it’s the aliens talking about the liberal (ergo, athiest) strawman.

    Unless you are being sarcastic, in which case, never mind.

  2. justpaul says

    “Shirley” you jest.
    Don’t you think that one even looks like Romney (the eyes)?
    But I don’t think the faux theists would recognize themselves, even if they read Salon.

  3. Skeptyk says

    “Crazy ATHEISTS! Do they think our species teleported ITSELF to this planet at the dawn of time? Zik Zik!”

    Heh heh.

    These sentients worship “…invisible, omniscient beings watching over us all…” Hmmm…eyes on stalks, literally watching over. These guys have imagined gods in their own image.

    Ray Comfort showed me his banana.

    Zik Zik!

  4. Kayigo says

    This is as good a place as any to link to my favorite comic, exploring the age old question, “Who is a better Savior, Jesus or Dr. Who”. There are two comics, so be sure to click next.
    “But Jesus came back from the dead!”
    “Feh. When he’s done it eight more times, then we can talk.”

  5. cay says

    Did you read the entire comic? On another planet, candidates of one religion are questioning another candidate of a different religion (with different tablets i.e. Mormonism), but in the end at least they all believe in a divine creator instead of no creator at all. Ha ha.

  6. Arnosium Upinarum says

    PZ: There’s nothing there to bother fathoming.

    Cay: There’s nothing there to bother fathoming.

    Reading the entire comic left me feeling time-raped.

  7. Tatarize says

    Alien1: “If the pressure on our planet were seven jibleti less, the sulphuric acid from the oceans would evaporate and we would die. Our skin and our eyes are protected from the effects of the sun by our huxilum coverings. Our planet occupies as hummuox zone, a little closer and the lead would melt a little further away and our planet wouldn’t be in a locked orbit with our perfectly sized star and we would have repeating periods of light and dark rather than the constant light required for life on our planet. Any little change in the formation of our planet by Yumwak would have resulted in throwing the delicate balance of our planet into disarray! Yumwak exists! And he loves us! He made the universe so that it could support us.”

    Alien2: “Nonsense, it isn’t that our planet is created to support our life, rather the life couldn’t exist on any planet without rivers of sulphuric acid. In all of the universe, there must be great numbers of planets with enough sulphuric acid needed to support the formation of silicon based lifeforms. It is simply that we are here to ask the question.”

    Alien1: Enjoy Ulmox! Yumwak loves you all, but you are certainly going to Ulmox for ejecting in the ooze of Yumwak!