1. says

    It’s not news that second-wave feminism was a middle-class white women’s movement.

    Does this mean that even feminism can’t compare itself with feminism any more?

  2. jeffk says

    I’ve spent a little time reading and commenting on Feministing. There mostly wonderfully intelligent people, and therefore discussions, held there. However, there are moments when the site has made me very frustrated, because I want so badly to identify as a feminist. The problem I’ve run into, stated vaguely, is that a lot of the regulars there mix third and second-wave feminism at their convenience, then mix in some relativism whenever it feels good, but back off from it when necessary. It’s even evident in the interview. There’s also a strange obsession with crappy, mysogist advertisements – posts which are largely correct in their critiques, but seem like a terrible use of time and energy.

    Anyways, despite that summary of my gripes, I’m certainly cheering Jessica on and I’ll be eagar to read her book.