1. TAW says

    I have a quick question. According to many sources, the chances of any given combination of chromosomes in a human zygote made by the same two parents is 1 in 64 trillion, but this isn’t taking into account crossing over. We know how often crossing over occurs, so, what is the probability of any given combination of genetic material in a human zygote made by the same two parents (not including mutations)? Can we even make that calculation, seeing how every crossing over event is different?
    was the probability that my genome would ever exist practically zero? lol.

  2. BlueIndependent says

    OFF TOPIC: Anyone catch the Newsweek poll about evolution? Ya you guessed it, the usual poor response for supporting evolution:

    Newsweek Poll

  3. TAW says

    This is an open thread, I don’t think you can be off topic :P
    Larry Moran blogged about the newsweek poll, and pointed out that 27% of agnostics/atheists think god guided the process of evolution… so I’m not really sure I trust a single figure in that poll.

  4. llewelly says

    David, have more confidence in the Free Market. Surely if you drive off Long Wharf, there will be an increase in demand for flying cars, and the Free Market Will Provide.

  5. says

    Okay, this might be the funniest unintentional (or maybe not) thing I’ve seen on the tubes in weeks. I was putting together some images for a new cartoon for the Union of Concerned Scientists Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest (all the Australopithicenes and early Homos locked up at Guantanamo). So I googled “human ancestors” and came up with The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Progject. Then I started clicking the links looking for pictures, artists’ renderings of what they looked like for purposes of ‘tooning. I clicked on the first one, Ardipithecus ramidus . Go ahead, do it yourself. I’ll wait.

    Are you laughing yet? Here’s what it linked to:

    We’re sorry that our site is still incomplete. We are trying to get the all of the gaps filled.

    Please try back here at a later date.

    Follow this link to get back to the Human Family Tree

    SOMEBODY at the Smithsonian is having a bit of fun, don’t you think?