Blogroll Open Enrollment Day!

Since the blogroll amnesty day earlier this month was such a flop, I thought I’d reframe it. Today is Blogroll Open Enrollment day! What that means is that this is your opportunity to get onto the Pharyngula blogroll, after you jump through some hoops.

There are a few absolute requirements.

  • For technical reasons, your weblog must have some kind of syndication. I browse other blogs through a newsreader, and my blogroll is compiled from my newsreader’s OPML file, so that’s the only way I can put you there.
  • You should check the current complete blogroll first—it’s so embarrassing to ask to be put on a blogroll when you’re already there.
  • It should be an active weblog. I do purge sites that haven’t been updated in 30 days.

There are a few suggestions.

  • There are some categories on the blogroll. You could tell me which you think is most appropriate. (Also, if you’re already on there and you don’t like your category, let me know and I’ll change it.)
  • You might say a little bit about what you write about, or link to one of your best posts.
  • Since you’re supposed to check my current complete blogroll anyway, it would be delightful if you would click through and read at least one site there that you haven’t heard of before…and if you like it, maybe you could tell everyone else about it.

Otherwise, just put a link to your weblog in the comments to this announcement, and I’ll look it over at some time in the next week. I’ll be generous in adding sites to the blogroll, but not absolutely brainless—so no, Michelle Malkin, you won’t be getting on to my reading list. I will keep your site on the list for at least 30 days, but no promises beyond that; don’t take it personally if I later find I just don’t read your site very often anyway and remove it from the list. I’m sure your weblog is lovely and wonderful and perfect for someone, but I might think we should just be friends.


  1. says

    I’m guessing that being on your blogroll is a bit like dating a super-model… it’s sounds good at first, all your friends are jealous, but in the end it just doesn’t work out.

    We aren’t really in the same league, so I’m guessing that you would lose interest in me after a brief fling.

  2. says

    My site is The Adventures of Tobasco da Gama.

    It’s a pretty random blog, but it reflects my interest in atheism, skepticism, liberal politics, and zombies, because zombies are awesome. I’m also interested in professional ethics, though I haven’t written about that yet. (I’m a member of the Order of the Engineer.) Orac linked to my post I, Personally, Have Never Eaten a Brain, which is a zombie-themed reformulation of the typical anti-atheist courtier’s reply.

    In addition to the other stuff, I also write silly short stories about Tobasco da Gama, a Portguese conquistador and my fictional alter ego. I’m a big fan of the short story form, so I’ll probably end up doing a lot of that, not all necessarily related to Tobasco da Gama and his zombie-slaying activities.

    Also, I have a better hat than Matt Drudge.

  3. says

    Well first of all, Dr. Meert should be on your blogroll.

    I write mainly about viruses! The Pharyngula crowd might specifically be interested in an ongoing series of posts ripping up ID Creationists recent love affair with endogenous retroviruses and other mobile elements.

    Im certainly not a *good* writer, though. My writing has been described as ‘like the script of American Psycho’… LOL!

  4. says

    OK. Lobbying for myself is not a storng point. At the Hillocks of Hysteria. I’m a Minnesota boy, which means I belong with my Drinking Liberally family in the Minnesota section. I write about anything amusing, weird news links being my most common, and right-wing nutjobs. I also try to amuse myself with parody like my political endorsements. I mostly link to better writers with more insight than I, including you.

    Having seen you speak in person while getting paid was a high point of last year for me (I was the security guy hiding in the back of the room at the Minneapolis Library last summer).

    (Is sucking up allowed? If not, ignore that last paragraph.)

  5. says

    I doubt we will make it past the dance floor, but…

    The Mosquito Eater
    Random thoughts from No One of Consequence

    I would probably fit in the “A little bit of everything” category since my posts range from rants about my Missouri State Representative – Psycho-Antiscience-Creationist-Nutcase Cynthia Davis to work wierdness and funny stuff my kids come up with.

  6. says

    Philaletheia, a small discussion blog between me (‘drunkentune,’ the atheist), and Ben Cheek (‘soulster‘, a Christian).

    As soulster says, ‘…[A]theist/Christian relations are often strained and seldom friendly. One objective of this blog is to listen deeply and learn to talk to one another.’

    The two of us seldom agree, but we get along fairly well. Thanks for Blogroll Open Enrollment Day, PZ!

  7. says

    Dr. Dave here, over at “second order approximation…” ( a blog by a physicist which rarely has anything to do with physics. Mostly I complain about my kids and my wife and the weather and public transit. But sometimes I’ll say something about science, just to keep the nerd quotient up.

    Oh and Macs. Lots of talk about Macs.

  8. RedMolly says

    Pharyngula has no business linking to my blog, but I thought I’d make a suggestion: I would love to see a “Usual Suspects” category on your blogroll, PZ, featuring links to the blogs of regular commentors. (Or is it “commenter?” Both appear in Google searches and neither is in Webster’s online…)

  9. says

    I’m up for blogwhoring myself, even if I end up shot down soon after No One of Consequence ;-)

    A lot of my posts are about the religious nonsense I encounter through my family’s church activities, though as an (non ID) engineer, I also write about science stuff.

  10. says

    These opportunities always arise when I’ve been busy on projects and not writing my best posts. But hey, why not:

    Sister Novena’s PortaPulpit

    Although I do suggest you check the index on the left to get a better idea of the kind of stuff I aspire to produce. It’s a standard “bit of everything” blog, though with some particular emphasis on documentary film, which is my bag.

    I keep meaning to write a long ode to you, PZ, thanking you for re-awakening my humanities-saturated mind to science, which has had a big impact on me in the last couple of years. But when it comes down to it, I’m always too shy.

    Still, thank you.

  11. says

    I’d be good under “people of reason”. And as for the “brief fling” analogy, I think sitting through those damn creationist lectures qualifies me as having “bought you a drink”.


  12. says

    My blog, Disgusted in St. Louis (RSS feed), probably falls in between the “Lefties” and “A little bit of everything” categories. My best original posts are satire/parody with photoshopped images of the Cheney Misadministration, but I include comments and links to other blogs and news articles that I find interesting or amusing. Recent posts that typify my ‘style’ and were well received:

    * “What did you learn in the war, DinStL?” (meta)
    * White House Interferes with Historical Time Line Once Too Many
    * Bush Being Prepped for a Speech

    Despite a degree in computer engineering, I have an intense interest in biology, marine biology in particular and at one time (well a couple actually in different departments) worked at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Don’t ask me why I switched from biology to computers in college — I don’t know — it just happened that way while I also toyed with the idea of a physics or mathematics degree.

    My love for marine biology lead me to discover Deep Sea News on your blogroll.

  13. says

    Wow, an opportunity for me to get more readers than my friends and close fellows? I’m in…

    My blog is Musings of the Mad Biologist*, wherein I blog about my experiences as Graduate Student in the field of Biology.

    I try to talk about science and politics as well as grad student life and I post regular discussions about interesting books I’ve read pertaining to my interests. I also like to rant about the frustrations about grad school and what I’d like to see in order to make it better.

    *I’ve been made aware that there is another well-known ‘Mad Biologist’… no offense intended… I assure you that I am also, quite mad.

  14. says

    I blog at Todayland. Most likely category is something like “A little bit of everything”.
    At the risk of sounding like a suck-up, reading Pharyngula every day helped inspire me to be more diligent about blogging.
    I’ve been having some MySQL/Wordpress issues for the past few days, so I’m sorry if it loads slowly.

  15. says

    If I Ran the Zoo here (not to be confused with Tetrapod Zoology, which is already on your blogroll). Politics mostly, with a healthy dose of photoblogging and occasional fun and games (so I suppose A Little Bit of Everything).

  16. says

    My blog used to be on your blogroll. I guess you find me pedestrian, or worse, Canadian. Or, you might have purged it recently when AOL had some feed problems. Anyway, here it is again: Aurora Walking Vacation

    Categorization? Hmmm, well, I do blog on skepticism related topics, and have submitted several pieces to the skeptics’ circle, but that is not exclusively what I write about. A little bit of everything might be a closer label. Of course, I am also International, although many American High School students may not think so…

  17. spencer says

    Well, I may as well pimp for my blog, Spew of Consciousness. It’s pretty new – I have all of 22 posts for this year so far, and several of them are just old photos of my travels to Europe. I would have more content up there, I’m sure, but I’m also writing a dissertation and looking for a goddamn job, and those are both activities that take priority. So give me a break, already. Jeez.

  18. says

    Heath’s Box of Hair:

    I definitely don’t fall into the creationist category, given my latest post entitled Darwin :-).

    I am not currently on your blogroll, although I had trouble getting the page to load – so could not see any categories listed, however, I consider my posts to be generally sarcastic in nature – sometimes about entertainment (music and television), other times about life experiences (house flooding after disposing of christmas ham), and other times about my wardrobe malfunctions at work.

    I do have a feed (the link is in the upper left corner of my blog for those of you who would enjoy subscribing).

    Best wishes!

  19. says

    I’m new to the blogging scene, so I might as well throw mine in too: an enigmatic science.

    I write on comparative biomechanics, fluid dynamics, evolution, and other various science things that I find interesting. There are a couple entries in biomechanics already, feeding in fin whales and in Christmas tree worms (nothing too involved…yet). Drop by if you’d like to see biology through the lens of physics.

  20. says

    I would be honored to have even an ephemeral place on your b-roll. I blog at xenophile, post fairly often, and blog about politics (surprise!), science & technology, skepticism, church & state issues, music and various other topics. I also have a sideline in crappy Photoshop satire. I’m an occasional participant in The Skeptics’ Circle and and all-around nice guy (All My Friends Say So!®).

  21. says

    Okay, first one of us hits the Powerball lottery, we gotta get all these people together in the same place, with good coffee, good beer, good wine, good Scotch (for me — you don’t need to partake if you don’t want to), good snacks, and a day or two to talk, debate, present, and whatever.

    It’d be a helluva party.

  22. says

    My website is mostly meant to showcase my webcomic, but I also keep a blog going underneath most of the comics.

    I write about topics as varied as humorous applications of scientific theories to the internet, epistemological issues, and current events, like the Boston bomb scare. (Be warned, though: these posts often contain strong language, and is consequently unsuitable for children–but ironically quite suitable for adults who behave like children. Ironic, no?)

    It would be nice to be linked here, but I don’t blame you if the crappy drawings and poorly-spelled blog posts frighten you away.

  23. says

    I’m not very good at pimping my own blog, My Thinking Corner, but as you’re puting the offer out there I guess I’ll have to try. I’ve been writing about news, politics, science and a host of other crap for a while now. I think creationism and ID have no place in the science classroom and fear that one day my kids will end up with some fundy asshole for a science teacher who screw up their education.

    As for favorite posts, I’ve got a few but instead I’m going to link to this post, which I thought was really funny when I wrote it but no one seems to agree with me.

  24. CalGeorge says

    Okay. I will shed a little (fiercely-protected) anonymity…

    I contribute to a blog (under a nom de blog) but it’s mostly just copyright-infringing regurgitation of anti-Bush stuff. I repeat what I read on other liberal blogs, mostly, because I believe it’s important to speak out against That Bastard and to spread the dissent.

    I am not worthy of a listing (and I don’t think we do that feed stuff)! I also use the F word. A lot.

  25. says

    My site is the Bad Observer. We normally focus on politics (one commenter called us a bunch of whiny liberals, I just think we are a bunch of smart asses) but we usually add some science and general skepticism to the mix to keep things interesting. The site would be a better fit in the “lefties” section of the blogroll. Thanks PZ.

  26. says

    I’m not entirely sure where my blog Laelaps (and feed here) would go in terms of categories, but most of my posts have to do with evolution, ecology, behavior, paleontology, cryptozoology, my photography, and ramblings on whatever happens to be pissing me off on any given day.

  27. says

    Velcro City Tourist Board: Science fiction book reviews and punditry from a deranged and scruffy British library assistant, plus meandering speculations on new technologies, and daily link dumps of stuff that is either to do with science fiction or has appeared in its pages in the past – or will do in its future. I’d probably belong in the ‘little bit of everything’ region – you’d expect nothing less from someone who wrote a three part cultural comparison of rock music and science fiction fandom.

    You’ve got some great blogs in the list that I’ve not encountered before – due to RSS glut and time-suck, I’ll only add a few to the reader, but Archaeoastronomy makes the cut fo’ shizzle.

    And as he’s probably to modest to put himself forward, I heartily recommend Centauri Dreams for all your interstellar exploration/colonisation science needs. Big theories backed with big science, and a good lucid writer.

  28. TW says

    Well crap, since you’re pimping the lost tomb of jeebus in the top banner, I’m gonna have to drop this blog from my daily read anyway.


  29. says

    Salamander Candy is the brainchild of several graduate students in the Zoology Department at Oregon State University. We write about biology (especially evolution, genetics, herpetology, and conservation biology), the philosophy of science, the experience of being a grad student, and other topics.

  30. says

    That’s so sweet! My blog is cleverly titled Greta Christina’s Blog, and it lives at . I write about atheism, sex, politics, and whatever else pops into my head. Often not safe for work. I suppose you could put me in Lefties, Feministas, or People of Reason, but A Little Bit of Everything is probably most accurate.

    A good recent “safe for work” post:

    And a good “not so safe for work” post:

    I’d also like to recommend Susie Bright’s Journal, at:

    Smart. Hilarious. Thoughtful. Definitely not safe for work.

  31. says

    I’d like to submit STARTLING MONIKER, my blog about experimental and avant-garde music, personal thoughts on sound, and discussion of file-sharing ethics. Currently, my favorite posts are How STARTLING MONIKER Got It’s Name, which is a much more unlikely story than you’d imagine; and Noise Art and the Tao Te Ching, which explores similarities in the creation of harsh noise music with Taoism. Written by an atheist and long-time experimental DJ, this blog would be a fine addition to your “Little Bit of Everything” category, or a fledgling “Arts” category. Thanks for your offer!

  32. says

    Might I suggest my blog Entertaining Research; it is mostly about books, music, and academic life — with some Indian stuff for flavour. You may probably bin me under The Real World. And, from your blogroll, I checked out Biocurious — it is awesome.

  33. says

    My blog is simply called “Writer Philosopher Culture Warrior”. Essentially it’s my own little digital soapbox where I talk about politics, atheism, socialism, cultural trends, and even gay rights. It also contains snippets about my personal life, public stroking of the ego, and occasional blurbs from my amateur writing career. My blogs not huge or glamorous and I’m not a recognized expert on anything, but I want to be heard so I’m taking a shot.

  34. says

    Eh, it’s worth a shot. My site, would probably go under “a little bit of everything”, since I pretty much babble aimlessly. I do talk about skeptical type stuff and atheism once in a while, so it may be of some interest.

    But hey, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll understand. It’s not you, it’s me.

  35. says

    Hey, thanks for linking to me, Professor.
    I hadn’t realized that you did, because I always read the right- and left-sidebars, & never saw the ‘People of Reason’ blogroll. I’d always wondered why Technorati links showed that you linked to me.
    I’m a POR. That’s about perfect. Thanks again, & obliged, kind sir.

  36. says

    The Atheist Jew

    You linked me once and I got over 2000 hits in 3 days.
    I’m a realist (Voice of Reason) but I do fit your “A bit about everything” category.

    I’m a science layman, but I have been learning a lot of late in my arguments/discussions with Fundies.

    I’m not a fan of YECs and I believe the biggest threat to mankind other than a natural disaster is Islam (and no, I’m not saying I hate all Muslims).

  37. says

    I’m making a concerted effort to post more in The Red Notebook (part of The Friends of Charles Darwin website). It has an RSS feed which I coded myself. How sad is that?

    I’m aiming to do a few posts per week, and to steer clear of religion-baiting. Not because I don’t enjoy religion-baiting, but because that subject seems to be adequately covered elsewhere. My plan is to write about Darwin, the history of science and evolution from a well-read amateur’s point of view. In other words, I’m making this up as I go along.

    Although based in the UK, I have read Lake Wobegon Days and consider myself half-Minnesotan (but being classified under ‘evolution’ would probably be more accurate).

  38. says

    Damnmit PZ, how are all us little guys gonna get on there.

    especially us little guys who are a little more luddite when it comes to putting feeds and shit on a website.

    oh well, for what its worth, here’s my blog:

    my blog is for drunken, punk hardcore, geologists ONLY.

    and of course, any other douchebags that may want to check in on the minutae of my life.

    eitherway, thanks again PZ for a great website and a good forum, I always enjoy all the discussion here, and the other great blogs linked. I’ve definately wasted a good part of my day checking out these other blogs today, and I’ll be lurking again tomorrow.

    any other geologists out there?

  39. says

    I’m sure I speak for all the crew at Waffle when I say we’d love to be on your blogroll. We write about anything that takes our fancy, but common topics are art (our own and that of others), music, left-wing politics, Doctor Who, the wacky things that Creationists say, software, and the occasional bit of science. One active member of our blogging circle is an evolutionary biologist, and another who hasn’t been active lately is a biology graduate.
    We try to write intelligently about subjects we are knowledgeable about, but will occasionally allow ourselves to lapse into YouTubery.

  40. says

    Corrente would be honored to make your blogroll. You’ve been on ours for a while.

    I love these sorts of blog actions, I always learn about interesting new blogs this way. Good on you for bucking the trend of the closed blogroll.

  41. says

    Please accept our invitation to add Tangled Up in Blue Guy (I don’t do much html) to the blogroll. You can put it anywhere you want, unless you want to add a category of blogs called “Pharyngula Sycophants.” But only if you think that is the right thing to do, of course. My opinion is whatever you tell me it is.

    Minnesota, atheist, liberal, smalltown boy who wants to live vicariously through my kids and have my kids take biology at the University of Minnesota at Morris.

  42. says

    My blog is Back Off Man; I’m a Scientist where I fully intend to one day write about the biology degree I’m doing, but in the meantime keep things ticking over by wittering about pretty much anything. There is a big atheist and anti-woo slant to most of it, so dare I suggest the ‘People of Reason’ category?

    As a sample post, here I relate my encounter with Richard Dawkins at a signing of The God Delusion.

  43. says

    I would be honored to be on your blogroll, which was very cool to look at and provided me with a lot of places to visit over the next few months.

    My blog is, and is basically a mix between political rants, comments on children/parenting/pregnancy, feminist posts, neat resources for parents to look at, pictures of various stages of my pregnancy, comments on legal issues… it’s a veritable hodgepodge of stuff. I post several times a week.

    Maybe I will see you there, maybe not, either way, I appreciate all the interesting things you have pointed me to since I began reading your blog!! Thanks!

  44. says

    My young blog was started when I came to the sudden realization that creationists, climate change skeptics, homeopathic medicine types, and yes, even holocaust deniers, all use the same language. Conspiracies. It’s the same, ridiculous, “they’re all keeping a secret from us” bull that made me a little annoyed. Anyway, I’m exploring these ideas in my new blog:

    Some folks here may find it interesting, or maybe I’m just preaching to the choir (but isn’t that what the internet is all about – preaching to the choir?).

  45. says

    PZ, I already link to you from my politics-only blog,

    I am getting ready to can my PBA blogroll because Nick or his successor has not added A Bomb A Nation to the list and its got a lot of deadwood. That will put Phyrangula much closer to the top.

    BTW, here is a tip for just the kind of post you do best:

    Here is the blog I would be delighted to have on your blogroll:
    “The Executioners Thong”

    You asked for sample posts. I beg your tolerance of a rank amateur completely without formal learning in matters of biology and yet so powerfully drawn to its systematic and elegant reductions of life’s complexity that I write about it. What I understand from reflecting on the logic of life’s machinery seems to have driven me far to the left of where fate first planted me in the political spectrum.

    You have no time to read this drivel so I hope these first few pass muster.
    Social Darwinism blows it by defining fitness as a matter only of personal competitiveness devoid of group fitness or cooperation mechanisms

    Some people would not wake up and smell the evolution if you smacked them up side the head with a dozen blind albino fish

    And, PZ, we won’t always agree with each other about the best way to deal with that very common illusion:spirit or soul. If you should ever feel the urge to contest my offerings and understandings about being a spirtual or intuitive follower of science, I am sure I will be the better for the exercise.

    Well, perfesser, there’s my paper. I’ll check back to see when the grades are posted.

  46. says

    Dear PZ:

    I have a bunch of advanced degrees, and I spend my days doing biomedical research. And then I go home and blog about plush toys and little cutie dollies. In other words, please don’t ever, EVER put me on your blogroll.



  47. says

    I’ll throw my hat (blog) into the ring. I’m over at Daily Irreverence, and I write about mostly science or polical/social news (from a Physicist and liberal/libertarian perspective), and things like that. Not quite as active as it used to be (the daily part of the name is now not so accurate), but never a lapse of 30 days.

  48. says

    I write a little about everything over at The Squid Zone. Some of the posts are decidedly better than others, and I don’t expect people to agree with anything.

    Of late there’s been a series of articles about how you dress affecting how you are perceived in the world and why parents shouldn’t dress their 6-year-olds like whores.

    There’s stuff there about my using the internet to catch the thieves who stole my licence plate.

    There’s even some wacky atheist stuff!

  49. says

    Sure, we’ll take you up on your offer. Every blog roll needs at least one blog with absolutely no socially redeeming value whatsoever. Meet:

    In our defense we should say that we occasionally post about evolution (we’re for it) and point out some of the less technical aspects of the ID folks, like they’re…umm…cognitively challenged? More here:

    We’re pretty much the same with our postings about religion, although after having survived six years of catholic education we feel a trifle more confident in discoursing (or is it disgorging?) on life as a minion of Rome. Mostly though we’re just ticked off that no priest ever hit on us. We mean, come on, what wrong with us? Oh, sorry. Over to you.

  50. says

    I’ve got my blog, Odd’s Craw, at
    It’s not much yet, but at least it’s been updated within the last month.

    I’d classify it as a literary blog, with a political, liberal/anarchic slant. I’m also a Minnesotan, for what that’s worth.

    (I’m completely new at the blogging thing.. I’ve got no idea just yet how to build an audience. ;)

  51. says

    Although I am The Good Reverend and my blog is named after me, it is definitely a more evolution-friendly site than creationist-friendly. The posts are on anything and everything so long as it is interesting or amusing, especially bits of news having to do with science, cooking, the arts, and cryptozoology. To get a taste, you should read my in-depth analysis of whether, everytime you masturbate, God does indeed kill a kitten as well as “Select Questions and Concerns about Spatulas from the Wikipedia Discussion Page for ‘Spatula’.”

  52. says

    I wasn’t going to post because I didn’t think my blog, Soylent Red, would overlap with your (or your readers’) interests all that often, but a quick scan over the last few posts seems to imply that I do a pretty even spread over movies/tv, technical subjects, and religion/scepticism. I’m very definitely in the “a little bit of everything” category. You commented on there once, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never linked to it.

  53. says

    [Forgive the omission of a space inside the anchor tag causes the comment formatter to punt the whole URL…the fault is not visible in “preview”]

    PZ, I already link to you from my politics-only blog,

    I am getting ready to can my PBA blogroll because Nick or his successor has not added A Bomb A Nation to the list and its got a lot of deadwood including the OLD Phyrangual link. That will put Phyrangula much closer to the top of my roll.

    BTW, here is a tip for just the kind of post you do best:

    Here is the blog I would be delighted to have on your blogroll:
    The Executioners Thong” I throw everything in there. But the carnivals where my posts have been seen; CotL, Carnival of the Godless and Skeptics Circle are perhaps a more objective view of my “type” than my modest self assesments;)

    You asked for sample posts. I beg your tolerance of a rank amateur completely without formal learning in matters of biology and yet so powerfully drawn to its systematic and elegant reductions of life’s complexity that I write about it. What I understand from reflecting on the logic of life’s machinery seems to have driven me far to the left of where fate first planted me in the political spectrum.

    You have no time to read this drivel so I hope these first few pass muster.
    Social Darwinism blows it by defining fitness as a matter only of personal competitiveness devoid of group fitness or cooperation mechanisms

    Some people would not wake up and smell the evolution if you smacked them up side the head with a dozen blind albino fish

    And, PZ, we won’t always agree with each other about the best way to deal with that very common illusion:spirit or soul. If you should ever feel the urge to contest my offerings and understandings about being a spirtual or intuitive follower of science, I am sure I will be the better for the exercise.

    Well, perfesser, there’s my paper. I’ll check back to see when the grades are posted.

  54. says

    my site is rubber hose. i guess i’m “a little bit of everything”, though, to be honest my site mostly concentrates on a couple of random things, rather than every single thing.

    some sample posts are this one that i guess i would characterize as middle eastern wonkery, this one about the awesomest commercial ever, this one that uses the word “asshole”, and this one that is actually quite personal, but it’s in a foreign language so only 200 million or so people will be able to tell.

    oh, one more. just to kiss up to the audience here, this is probably one of my very few science-related posts.

    what do all my posts have in common? i dunno. i guess they all suck. but i wanna be on your blogroll anyway.

    pretty please?

    my random site from your existing blogroll is tea leaves which triggered sweet memories of the olden days when i used to play “masters of orion.”

  55. says

    Hello PZ!

    To be on your blogroll would be a tremendous honor. My site, Literacity deals primarily with literature, but lately I’ve been on a science-writing kick which has landed me in the blogrolls of some minor science blogs (and on Darren Naish’s good side!).

    I would be phenomenally grateful to be linked, perhaps because I relate to your common themes as a “speculative biology and scientific literature” blog.

  56. says

    Hi PZ. We’ve been having a kind of casual conversation for a couple years now. I keep a blog over at blogger, I call it Stoopid Stuff ( That’s an homage to the opening of “Terrence”, the Houseman poem.

    It’s mostly lefty politics, but it has some secular human/atheist rants, your occasional anti-militarism post and a bit of Baseball (SF Giants, of course). I’m not a fanatic about it, but it would be fun to have a few more readers. The regular crew keeps me on my toes, but a network is like a squid — Bigger is better!


  57. says

  58. says

    Well, I suppose your little blog has just enough quality to justify my condescending to allow you to put my fabulous blog on your insignificant blogroll. Now mind you, I get *over* 200 hits a day, so don’t be surprised if your traffic spikes after affiliating yourself with me.

    Ah, who am I kidding? But go for it: Movin’ Meat is focused primarily on Emergency Medicine, Health Policy, and progressive politics. Enjoy.

  59. Daniel says

    Only because it’s listed in my bookmarks immediately after Pharyngula, how about Pruned, a blog on landscape architecture and related fields? They write about gardens all right, and sometimes skewer scientific facts so much so that they probably make creationists look good. But some of their wildly, sci-fi-esque masturbatory fantasies are infectious, like this new national park or these necro-planetariums or Versailles in the Pacific or Martha Stewart Living new petri gardens. If anything, they do seem to have a genuine interest in science.

    And if you love Pruned, there’s also BLDGBLOG. The two should probably be filed under a new category: Sci-Fi-esque Masturbatory Fantasies.

    A hanging cemetery over Baghdad?

  60. says


    As a fellow liberal atheist boogeyman with a love for science, I would appreciate Johnny Logic being placed on your blogroll.

    You may remember me from such posts as:

    Shrill, Hate-Filled and Pointy
    Quantum Christodynamics
    Tangled Bank #6
    Review of Right Reason
    Science Blogs for LGFers?

    My substantive posts are about my many academic interests: philosophical (philosophy of science, formal epistemology), mathematical (statistics, recreational mathematics), scientific (evolution, psychology, computer science). This ponderous content is interspersed with (and sometimes overwhelmed by) political commentary, humor, complaints, and brief monthly book reviews. I suppose that Johnny Logic fits best into the A little bit of everything category, as I no longer reside in The Ivory Tower.

    Thank you for your support.

  61. says

    Well, as long as we’re all jumping on the bandwagon…

    The Right Side of the Boat – (At the moment this redirects to its real address at, but I’m planning to migrate it in the near future. A link to either is fine.)

    It mainly consists of atheist rants, interspersed with random whatever-I-feel-like-at-the-timeness.

    I’ve been a bit light on the updates for the last few months, but I’ve just made my latest vow to update regularly – and an injection of traffic to keep me on my toes couldn’t hurt. :)

  62. says

    A Bird’s Nest would probably fit nicely into Feministas or Lefties, although I do like to think of myself as a Person of Reason. And, for those with diverse interests, there are plenty of posts about knitting as well.

    I checked your current complete blogroll, but the new site I’m currently enjoying most was found in your comments. Movin’ Meat.

  63. says

    I think what I will do is add you to my blogroll, and read your blog for awhile to see if I like it. If you happen to check my blog out and like it, as well, then you can decide whether to add me to yours.

    Cannablog: Peace and love, y’all.

    I write about and post music, politics, culture, life, the universe and everything, but nominally my topic and current purpose blogging is ending cannabis prohibition.

  64. says

    At Trinifar I write about the interrelated issues of population growth, increasing consumption, and sustainability. See this post for an example. It would go in your “Real World” category, and if it matters I’m a secular humanist lefty (pardon the redundancy of that phrase).

    (I’ve also been reading your blog, er, religiously from about the time of its creation.)

  65. says

    The Stone of Tear

    Definitely “A little bit of everything.” Damn near all of my posts are science related, though the best I can say about myself is that I’m a moderately smart layman with a strong science interest. All kinds of science, from as many developments I can get my hands on, if they pass the small threshold of tweaking my interest. Biology, technology, climate change, and a whole bunch of others. If they’re not on science, odds are they’re politically related, and odds are they’ll be rants about how idiotic almost all Republicans are these days (though there are stupid Democrats too). And usually on the meeting place of science, religion, and stupid Republicans are religious posts which must showcase the stupidity/hypocracy/contempt of religion from the views of an atheist. Finally, if the time is right, I do movie and entertainment related posts, as I am a film major.

  66. says

    I think this is just an excuse to see how many people will whore themselves out for attention from blogebrities. But I’m not about to get on my high horse; after all, I just used the word blogebrity.

    Anyways, my blog, The Broken Hut, is a bit about magical thinking but mostly about computers. I have a semi-regular series roughly about computer science for the layman. Recently I’ve been writing about common computer bugs and how they manifest themselves.

  67. says

    My blog, Disambiguation, is still pretty young and not read by many, but I’d certainly appreciate the link if you’d be willing to give me one. (I’ve got a link to you–Pharyngula is one of my all-time favorites.)

    I am, among various other things, a left-ish, atheistic philosophy instructor at a community college. The blog, thus, is largely about lefty politics, philosophy, and atheism/secularism. I also have a weekly Sunday Secularism Blogging feature, which might interest you and/or some of your readers. I’m not sure which category the blog would best fit. Perhaps “People of Reason”?

    Posting on the blog is a bit less frequent than I’d like, because I’m very busy these days, but I’m sure it will pick up, especially once I can convince my alleged co-bloggers to contribute more…

  68. says

    Cephalopodcast blog features science education and information about our oceans. It’s about things that interest me, mostly science, especially marine science and also science education, particularly in the K-12 arena. It’s also about how technology is changing the way we gather and understand information about the world around us. And it’s about cephalopods too, of course.

    I work at a marine lab in Florida. I am also going back to school to get my teaching credentials for secondary biology. You read anecdotes about either of these on the blog. I find that the posts and discussions on Pharyngula are inspiring me to write more substantive entries on my own blog, instead of just drive by linking.

    File me under “The Real World” or “A little bit of everything.”

    Thanks to you and your readers/commenters! :)

    A couple of samples:


  69. says

    The Invisible Library is where I hang my virtual hat. I discuss library issues, technology, pop culture politics in Georgia and popular science. I have a distinctly open source, pro-rationalist, skeptical angle. Lately, I’ve been pissing of Scientologists, so I’ve got that going for me too!

  70. says

    I’d be honored to be on the blogroll. I’m left of Marx, but would probably fit best with the Ivory Tower gang, since I’m a Shakespeare person in the upper midwest.

    I’m pretty sure Blogspot blogs do a feed thing, right?

  71. says

    11,000 Species of Relatively Simple Animals is group blog that four of us started up just a couple of months ago. One of us is a furniture maker, another is a biologist waiting to hear if she’s made it into UPenn, another is in law school and the fourth works in the health world. Topics range all over, from irreverence towards Michelangelo’s art, to disgust of Christian bumper stickers, to feminist thoughts and ideas, to pontificating on Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    Here’s what our blog means and what we mean to do, explained in our first post.

  72. says

    Hi, PZ. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, being the daughter of two chemists and the sister of another. Oh, and the mom of a future MIT freshman (she’s 5 as of yesterday). I write about her, and politics, and other things at Evil Mommy. I guess I could fall under either the feminist or lefties category.

    I’d second Susie Bright’s blog – it’s great stuff.

  73. says

    I second the bacon-eater’s suggestion: Mojoey’s atheist blogroll contains lots of interesting “people of reason.”

  74. says

    Um, a dog and a squid being friends?  We don’t even inhabit the same biosphere!  Anyway, here is what might be my most relevant post.  Most recent posts have been about Al Gore, so you can put me under “Lefties”.  Thanks ever so much, PZ, for offering to link to us “little people”!  (feed).

  75. says

    Hi PZ,

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter . . . I am a graduate student in Psychology and just started my blog, I love science and education in general, but most of my posts are about either cognitive science or my experiences in grad school. Hope you find it interesting!

  76. says

    I would be honored to join your blogroll. Pharyngula has a place of honor on The Atheist Blogroll I maintain at Deep Thoughts (because Pharyngula is one of my favorite blogs).

    I write about religion, atheism, politics, and the crazy people who seem to mix them all together. Plus whatever else catches my fancy, like science, art, photography, and writing.

  77. says

    OK, I’m not likely good for more than 30 days, but why not give it a go anyhow. Math puzzles, math teaching, union politics, generally progressive, education stuff. jd2718.

    Categories? You don’t seem to have teachers in “The Classroom” so how about “A Little Bit of Everything”?

  78. says

    I was thinking, just as mathematicians have their Erdős number, and the movie industry has its Bacon number, the chain of blogrolls can lead to a “PZ number”. I just noticed that, although I’m not currently on your blogroll, someone who links to me is, so I already have a PZ number of 2! That sure sounds a heck of a lot better than my Technorati ranking…

    Anyway, if you’d like to increase my PZ number to 1 even though I’m seriously unworthy, my blog is Learning Computation and deals with theoretical computer science. There’s not too much stuff there yet so you could probably skim through the whole thing; but if I had to select a couple of representative posts I might choose this or that.

    Thanks for taking a look at this. PZ, judging by the number of comments you’ve got here, you’re not going to be getting much work done over the next week.

  79. says

    I’d humbly submit my site, Dubito Ergo Sum, to the People of Reason category. It’s gone through some long periods of non-updating, but I think I’m finally in a place where I can update it at least once or twice a week.

    I would humbly submit that, but I don’t see The Bronze Blog, Action Skeptics, Austin Atheist Anonymous, Pooflingers Anonymous, or Infophilia on your blogroll, and they’re all way better than me. They might have their reasons for not wanting to be listed, but it certainly isn’t because of quality.

  80. says

    Hi PZ,

    In the interest of eclecticism, I’d love it if you’d link to the women’s hoops blog. You don’t have a sports section in the blogroll, so perhaps in “Minnesotans” since the blog is based here in the brainpower state…

    It’s a group blog so I’ll link to a couple of posts that I think are pretty interesting and demonstrative of the writing on the blog.

  81. says

    Well, other than the fact that my latest golden retriever is named Darwin, your readers probably wouldn’t be interested in my place anyway. ;^)

  82. says

    Well, I’ll try and get in under the wire.

    My blog is the Jaded Skeptic, Odd Jack (It would have been the other way around but I discovered their is a gambling blog with that name…not the whole thing, but OddJack. Darn!).

    On the blog I like to go into a variety of areas:

    Politics – geared towards the liberal/progressive/democrat point of view, international news and politics,
    Pseudoscience and Skeptism – the bunk, junk, and plain tomfoolery,
    Media – the places where the media is asleep on the job or playing the role of patsy,
    Science – including finds, research, and abuse by the ridiculous (religious and political),
    Secular concerns – including religious abuse and the struggle of atheists,
    Social concerns – the NRA’s crackdown on the slightest descent to the treatment of women, homosexuals, and other segments of society,
    and now I want to work in some fun and some interesting stories about the Comic Book and SciFi world, looking at interesting events (in writing and the industries), misunderstandings, stereotyping, and the travails of the fans.

    I touch on a wide swath of topics. So it would be a good fit in “A little bit of everything”. Unless, you are tinking of starting an “And the Kitchen Sink” grouping.

  83. says

    The Zen Cabin

    Basically, it’s my place to gripe about politics, religious hucksters and the environment, play some music and try to make you chuckle a bit.

    (Reading my site voids all warranties, expressed or implied. Any resemblance to an actual website is unintentional and may result in legal action or spectacular rashes. Do not taunt The Zen Cabin. Avoid direct eye contact and send self addressed stamped envelope for your chance to win.)

  84. says

    I own and run the Prius Owners Group. Aside from being a resource for people interested in the car or, to a lesser extent, other environmentally friendly vehicles, we serve to debunk a lot of idiocy published about hybrids. I post news and commentary there five days a week and would be honored to be on your blogroll.

  85. says

    Oh, what the hell? What’s the worst that could happen? (Shut up, Murphy)

    Dead Racists Weekly (name pending)
    RSS Syndicate
    Atom Syndicate

    My “blog” is about whatever I feel like posting about; mostly politics, gay rights/marriage, any science article I find really interesting, what have you. Recently I’ve begun adding more about racism, and I’ve been doing a “Friday [blank]-blogging” for a while now, Friday Dead Racist Blogging.

    As for your categories… I’d probably fit best under “lefties”. Or not on the blogroll at all. Whichever.

  86. says

    I’m not sure many of your readers would be interested, but I’m one of the writers at Angry Bear (, a left of center Economics oriented blog. FWIW you’re on our blogroll and I’ve linked here a couple times.

  87. says

    My bad… I meant to plead to remain on your blogroll in my previous comment.

    BTW… maybe something is wrong with me, but I seem not to find your blogroll except through the link on this post. If there’s an easy way to get there generally, I don’t see it.

  88. says

    I followed instructions and went to check out your blogroll. I started near the bottom (because everybody clicks on the top ones, right?) and clicked on Unhindered by Talent, which led me to Flow, which led to my ENTIRE DAY VANISHING. In a puff of, um, centipede. (Well, ‘creature,’ actually, but it looks a bit like a centipede to me.)

    I’m not clicking on anything else. Your blogroll is frightening.

  89. says

    well, CRUD. This is what I get for posting when I’m under the weather. I mispelled my web address!!

    Wish I could edit that…
    If you click on my name, you’ll get to the right place. And bug photos!

  90. says

    Blogfish. Fish, oceans, conservation–if you want to have fish in your future. Post-academic, post-grassroots, trying to change the real world. And fish are sexy too.

  91. Jorg Donde says

    Well, I practice a little drowning, which is rather new and was originally intended to be a calm, reasoned anti-creationist anti-pseudo-science blog with an occasional excursion into philosphy of science as well as trying to be non-personal, but rapidly flew out of control. Sorry, but I cannot really keep my calm around those idjuts. Still, as Penn and Gillette had said, if you call them “charlatans” you might get sued, but if you call them “brainless motherf***ers”, that’s okay. I am kind of partial to that philosophy…

  92. says

    I have two to propose for a link. Scooter is a yellow Dog Liberal atheist feminist at:
    Scooter’s Blog

    I am also a YDD atheist. My Blog is devoted to saving wildlife by getting feral and roving cats out of our ecology. We’ve both provided you a link as well as some of the other ScienceBlogs.
    Bird Advocates

  93. says

    You definitely need more Australians in your blogroll (we can’t leave you stuck with mainly Wilkins and Lambert), so here’s my personal blog:
    Hoyden About Town (lefty, feminist, skeptic and eclectic) [feed]

    and the group blog:
    Larvatus Prodeo (politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective) [feed]

  94. says

    I think “Wanderin’ Weeta” may belong in your “Real World” category. Notes from wanderings in the BC Lower Mainland (Canada). Birds, beasties, weeds and mushrooms. Or points of interest: whatever I run across.

    Representative posts are this, the first in a series on nebalia pugettensis, and this, on discovering a slime mold on a birdhouse.

  95. says

    Ack, I hope it’s not too late…

    My website is Enter the Jabberwock. I write about a variety of things, mostly arguments against religious fundamentalism and the fascism that accompanies such a mentality. One of the most popular features is “Chick Dissections” in which I take Jack Chick’s little fundie comic booklets (which you’ll see passed around college campuses and subway terminals and such) and humorously mock them while explaining why they’re so misguided and wrong.

    I’d say my site probably falls under “A Little Bit of Everything”.

    Thanks in advance if you do add my site.