1. says

    Those were my old high school colors, too. Why couldn’t we have been the Kent-Meridian Squid instead of the Kent-Meridian Royals?

  2. Steve_C says

    There’s a great bar in the east village I used to frequent. Learned to play pool there.
    The pitchers were cheap. It was seedy. I loved it. It was called. The Blue and Gold. Are those Ukrainian colors?

  3. Kseniya says

    Da. Those are the colors of the Ukrainian flag, with its big blue sky over vast fields of golden wheat.

  4. says

    Indeed, the great cephalopod smiled upon me today… I found out who stole my squid-themed licence plate in October 2005 and can now begin the process of recovering the money it cost to replace.

    I bet that person is going to be surprised when they get my message.

  5. says

    U! C! L! A!!!

    I think you mean: “Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!”

    “… you bring the whiskey, I’ll bring the dame…”

    It does look more like a “golden domer” than a Bruin. The blue’s all wrong for one thing. A Cal Bear? Perhaps it’s Oskie with his mask off.