1. BlueIndependent says

    Well PZ, you wouldn’t know it with all the cephalopontification. =P

    And wouldn’t ya know it, we’re less than 12 hours from the next FC!

  2. Kevin says

    See, I totally saw where the joke was going. But damn it if it didn’t make me nearly laugh out loud at my office desk. Which would have been embarrasing.

  3. truth machine says

    I like the way the kid’s shoulders slump in the last panel.

    The kid’s shoulders (entire body, in fact) are identical throughout; the change in the last panel is that the eyes lower.

  4. micheyd says

    Just make sure you hit up the condomari.

    Funnily enough, I’ve had boiled squid that looked AND tasted like condoms!

  5. Sonja says

    I don’t have any fantasies about sex with boneless creatures. Although I’ve slept with a few…

  6. Anton Mates says

    You know, I didn’t open up the article until now, so for the last few days I thought the top two panels were all there was. And so I thought the joke was that he was demonstrating squid sex by holding out his arm….

    Actually, I think it was funnier that way.

  7. bpower says

    And all you libs laughed at us REAL Americans when we warned you about the slippery slope. Here it is, Man-on-Squid sex. Happy now?
    See you on Judgement Day!11!!