1. kmiers says

    Cute. I am sending this to all of my born-again friends with a sense of humor. Both of them!

  2. steve says

    Chris Smither is one of America’s best songwriters, with a distinguished career going back to the mid-60s Boston-Cambridge scene. Check him out…


  3. squeaky says

    Ha! Humor and talent trumps logic!

    Actually, I got the impression that he was poking fun at theistic evolution rather than appeasing. But, I only listened to it once, maybe I missed the subtlety…

  4. Graham says

    Man, I saw this guy in concert a couple of years back. It was a great show.

    I felt like throwing my guitar in the dumpster afterwards. He is an absolutely phenomenal fingerpicker.

  5. JohnnieCanuck says

    Hmm. An anthropology student that got kicked out for missing classes due to too much time spent playing guitar. That might explain it. Ref: his Wiki article.

    Wish I could find the lyrics to that one somewhere. I missed several bits. I’d pay to hear him play, to be sure.

  6. Crudely Wrott says

    Mmm mm. Nuthin I like better’n historical comedy. Unless it’s good talkin blues. Unless it’s both.

    Does anybody know of Jamie Brokett, who I used to see at free shows he occasionally gave at UNH?

  7. says

    You can find the lyrics (and chords) in the latest issue of Sing Out! magazine (v50 n 4) Subscribers also got a CD with that song and the 20 or so other songs that appear in that issue.

    By the way, if you like this song you might want to try Roy Zimmerman at His latest album, Faulty Intelligence, features “Creation Science 101,” and “Intelligent Design.”

  8. says

    His whole new album (from which Origin of the Species comes) Leave the Lights On is a gem. As is everything else he does.

  9. says

    Man, if you remember Jamie Brocket, you must be as old as me!? I still have an LP of his and he was great. I remember The USS Titanic became his standby that was so intense he was exhausted by the time he’d finish it.

  10. Wm. Urspruch says

    Jamie Brocket’s ‘Legend of the USS Titanic’ is alive and
    well in the digital age. A CD of that antique LP- called
    ‘The Wind and Rain’ was recently released. A comic cultural
    gem that is part of my mental DNA…(as it were). A high
    octane-manic-revisionary put-on, in good company with
    Smithers wry re-reading of Genesis. And “the captain’s out
    cold on the wheel-house floor”, still.