Safe and sound in NY

To my great relief, I’ve made it to the big city without a hitch (last time I came out here, I spent more time sitting on a runway in Allentown). Now it’s just a busy, busy couple of days visiting with some very cool people—this time I’ll actually get to visit Seed Central—and then back home on Wednesday.


  1. Jud says

    Sitting on a runway in Allentown? If I’d known, I could probably have driven you to the city in less time than it took you to get there by plane.

    Oh, well. Next time, call me. ;-)

  2. Bert Chadick says

    While you were out having fun The boys at The Discovery Institute have developed a foreign policy, and, apparently, a shadow State Department. Here in Seattle they have latched onto an otherwise nice Somali student / restauranteur / retailer, and proclaimed him the Ambassador representing Somalia.
    Their science is crap, but their PR is pure gold.