1. Stogoe says

    Cephalopodmas wouldn’t fit on the head, and plus, it looks like a mutant cephalopod, so they used an X, like in X-Men. It’s okay.

  2. Anuminous says

    And may you all enjoy the religious and/or secular holiday(s) of your choice this comming late fall/early winter.

  3. lytefoot says

    Think the X in X-men is really a chi?

    Or, do you think there’s a lame evangelical version that does that? Probably not–the evangelicals don’t understand bout the X.

  4. Rey Fox says

    Are they talking about X-mas shopping madness or “War on X-mas” madness? If it’s the former, I don’t see what that has to do with Uncle Sam, if it’s the latter, they’re giving Bill O’Reilly way too much credit. It’s just a spat between O’Reilly’s cattle and some large retailers, and I figure it will slowly taper off over the next few years.