Casey Luskin, Attack Mouse of the Discovery Institute

It’s a sign of the lowly state to which the DI is descending that their assaults on evolutionary ideas have lately been led by the pathetic Casey Luskin. Luskin is a guy who doesn’t understand biology, and whose usual line of attack is to whine about credentials—it isn’t a good combination. After all, isn’t it a bit sad to have a particularly ignorant lawyer and ideologue complaining about scientists’ (or science journalists’) understanding of science?

Anyway, while taking a break from the futilely but furiously spinning exercise wheel at the Discovery Institute, Casey Luskin is now squeaking frantically at Carl Zimmer. Carl, of course, calmly and perhaps even bemusedly flicks him away. It’s great fun.


  1. George says

    Message to Casey Luskin:

    WAKE UP! Stop wasting your life on this crap. Do you really want to be 70 years old and looking back on an undistinguished career as a pawn of the Discovery Institute?

    I didn’t think so.

  2. Great White Wonder says

    When is Casey going to write an article attacking Ken Ham’s “Creationist Museum”?

    After all, the Discovery Institute wants science-friendly Christians to know the real story, don’t they?

    Don’t they?

  3. says

    I doubt Luskin cares so much about whether he’s considered “distinguished” or not, as long as that sweet, sweet wingnut welfare keeps on comin’. As Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.” In this case, there’s a fair deal of money to follow.

  4. J-Dog says

    Great White Wonder – That would be great! Yes, I would actually pay money to see old Casey At The Bat attack Ham, as he should!
    Casey? Are you out there?

  5. johnc says

    “Casey Luskin, attack mouse” brought a smile to my lips in an otherwise grey day. Thankyou :-)

  6. Dave says

    Ok Casey, if I may sum up your argument, “God did it”. Ok, you can stop attacking now because your entire discourse on the subject is 3 words. I can not understand why you need to keep talking after that. You have your answer, and as far as I can see, the ID search for knowledge ends with “God did it”. Why do you feel the need to bother those of us who actually understand that there is more to the universe than that? Does everyones view need to be as narrow as yours for it to be ok with you? The middle ages are over, and God lost.

  7. dale says

    Well stated.
    Our schoolboard never seriously considered getting into the ID fray, but I told one board member, when he asked me, that I wouldn’t mind “the Controversy” being brought up as follows; “There are thousands of scientists, who have spent millions of hours of work in research and written hundreds of thousands of pages on the evidence and data supporting evolution, as opposed to certain religious cults that base everything they know on one, single ancient book of myths, for which there is not one scintilla of imperical evidence. Now, let’s study science.”

  8. Ian says

    I like the part where Luskin denounces about Mooney’s “name-calling” for using of the term “denier of evolution”. I guess Luskin’s point is that such an uncivil tactic is typical of Darwinists (a term he uses in the very same post) :-).