Freshman meet-and-greet…tonight!

In case any of our biology students read this wacky site, I’ll remind you all that there is a meeting for all first-year biology majors this evening at 7:00, at my house (300 College Ave, west of the science building and across the street from LaFave House; we’re the place with the lawn that looks like bulldozers and zombies had a war on it). The biology faculty will be there with sweet tasty desserts, and you can ask us anything about classes, careers, science. It’s all going to be informal and fun.

If you want, you can meet with other biology students at 6:45 in the bioclub room (1040 Science, near the post office) and walk over in a group. Or come over any time by yourself between 7 and 8—the door will be open.

P.S. If you have allergies, we do have cats. However, they will be confined to the basement for the duration of this event.



  1. CJColucci says

    “If you have allergies, we do have cats.”

    You probably have cats whether we have allergies or not. And now I know where you live. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  2. sinned34 says

    “If you have allergies, we do have cats.”

    How about peanuts? Will they be confined to the basement for those who have allergies?

    I’m also allergic to demerol, so please keep the syringes where I can’t be accidentally injected with painkillers.


  3. Umilik says

    Maybe if you’re such a social butterfly who likes to entertain at home, you should get a couple of those allergen-free kitties that are now a available rather than condemning the ones you have to the dungeons (no mentioning of litter boxes or kitty refreshments, I noticed) They’re only 3 grand a pop. MAybe you could get the university to pay for them since you’re obviously doing PR there…

  4. bPer says

    Is it really prudent to so publically reveal your home address? I realize that Morris is somewhat out of the way (and thus somewhat insulated), but regardless, I worry that if there are nutcases out there that wish you harm, you have made it (admittedly slightly) easier for them to find you.

  5. says

    They do have food, water, and litter boxes down there. They’ve even got a TV remote.

    It’s easy to find my address, so this doesn’t make me any more visible. If I lived anywhere else, I might be more reluctant to post it, but we’re in Morris. Seriously. A committed evildoer who want to come all the way out here to egg my house and TP my trees wouldn’t have any trouble finding the place, map or no map. Besides, some stranger from the Big City shows up, they’re going to get the watchful eye from our local police force. You guys have no idea how small and remote Morris is, do you?

  6. says

    “Is it really prudent to so publically reveal your home address?”

    Great! I hope you don’t mind a few monks crashing your party! Hmmm, do you suppose any of the students would be allergic to the wool of our robes … robes that have not yet been subjected to their annual washing?

  7. says

    So who won the war between the bulldozers and the zombies? I’m kind of thinking maybe the bulldozers, since zombies don’t usually fare well against hardware.

  8. says

    OK, so how many of you people commenting here are freshman biology majors at UMM? Hmm? None of you are invited. No ice cream for you.

  9. Nix says

    What’s the *point* of anyone egging your house, anyway? They just need to wait until the water main explodes and detonates your lawn again. That was much more effective than any egging could possibly be.

    (`How long does it take to get a lawn like this, anyway?’ `About five hundred years, I think.’)