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    Well, as likable as Indy is, you have to admit that as an academic, both as a teacher and a scientist he really was incompetent. And delusional — I mean, I doubt *you* of all people believe that an old box really contains the wrath of some god.

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    Looks like the IDists are right after all, there is a conspiracy to keep excellent but unconventional minds out of academia.

    Frankly, I think that Jones’s accomplishments, all the more notable considering his limited equipment, ought to be sufficient to overcome the admittedly severe lapses in protocol. Send him off to some courses, and demand both publication and authentication of his finds, but he’s far more impressive than a tenured faculty member such as Behe.

    Consider the circumstances as well. Revolvers are better tools when you’re up against nazis than are trowels, notebooks, and ground-penetrating radar. Sheesh, these guys are hidebound.

    Glen D

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    I should add that if provenance is really a major problem with tenure for the good Dr. Jones, he claims that there is high quality video footage of the recovery of the doubted items available for a nominal rental fee.

    I cannot believe that they have taken the recent action without even attempting to view such important documentation, considering that it was saved from snake pits, the wrath of a disturbed god, and rival nazi archaeologists.

    Glen D

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    If he wouldn’t skip town during his office hours, they might have been more tolerant of his transgressions. However, he does have a propensity for grave robbing.

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    I don’t see the problem… Dr. Jones would be a shoe-in for automatic tenure at many (most?) religious universities or “universities”

    And think of the possibilities if he goes to work for, say, Patriot Bible University! Dr. Jones is in the admirable position of being able to demand evidence for the existence of God.

    Can’t you see him in class? “No, Mr. Hovind, slide shows and glib patter are NOT adequate evidence! Bring me the Cross of Jesus or receive an ‘F’ for the semester!”

  6. Ian H Spedding says

    His joining UMM would probably depend on whether you happen to have the Ark of the Covenant tucked away in some anonymous storage vault nearby.

  7. Torbjörn Larsson says

    Sigh! This is one reason to envy anthropologists. When for example physicists are portrayed heroically, it is mostly sci-fi without any familiar connections. And no whips.

  8. Ian H Spedding FCD says

    I’m trying to imagine Einstein or any of the other great physicists of the wearing in a leather jacket and fedora…

    Nope, doesn’t really work.

    But then it doesn’t really work for Richard Dawkins either, although maybe he’s more like Professor Jones Sr…