Join us, Minnesota teachers!


A while back, I mentioned this new group that had formed here in Minnesota to sponsor better science teaching, the Minnesota Citizens for Science Education. Our first big public meeting is happening this Saturday at the Bell Museum in Minneapolis, at Science Education Saturday:

Some of the most popular and dynamic professors involved with evolutionary biology at the University of Minnesota – Mark Borrello, Randy Moore, PZ Myers and others – will join a panel of public school K-12 educators to present practical suggestions for the classroom, useful resources for teachers and ideas for working with students and your community.

This event is primarily aimed at educators and education students, with talks about precisely what the Minnesota state science standards require of our teachers, but I don’t think they’d turn away other interested parties. I’m not actually going to be speaking (I’m still going to insist that I be regarded as “popular and dynamic”, however, and I may have to put that on my business cards)—I’m moderating a panel discussion with the real deal, teachers who are actually on the front lines of the struggle against creationism—but Randy Moore and Mark Borello will be giving talks in the morning, and I’m sure they’re going to be excellent.


  1. Nix says

    Seems interesting.

    (btw, you do know that that’s an either/or, right? It’s either popular *or* dynamic. Pick one. :) )

  2. Doc Bill says

    The MCSE mug is great! Holds coffee and everything. You can turn it upside down and catch mice, too. A purposeful arrangement of part.

    Doc Bill
    Satisfied MCSE mug Owner

  3. says

    Hi PZ,

    I’m a science education student and this event sounds great, but due to a National Guard commitment, I can’t be there. Maybe you could write up a summary of the panel discussion and post it here afterwards? Thanks!

  4. sarchasm says

    Wow, wish I could be there (even though I’m a lousy Wisconsinite who merely hopes to actually be a science teacher in a year or two). Between you and Mark Borrello, who I heard great things about at Michigan State (before your stupid state snatched him away before I could take a class with him) it should be a pretty good time.