The situation on the right wing must be getting bad when you can’t even tell Jack Kemp and Phyllis Schlafly apart anymore.


  1. Steve_C says

    Ahh the great science minds of the right. So honest and forthright.

    Hypocritical MFs. Who listen to the tools anymore?

  2. george says

    I went to take a look at the pieces by Schlafly and Kemp. I wonder if some more knowledgeable than I can figure out who actually wrote this drivel. Now I just feel dirty… must purge all temporary internet files from my computer…

  3. Steve_C says

    And they are slightly different, they are not word for word duplications.

    So who did write it. And how lame do you have to be to not even write your own opinion pieces?

  4. Stwriley says

    What’s truely frightening about this is that the commenters at Townhall just passed off the possible plagiarism with a “who cares?” and have gone right back to their ranting about the “lack of evidence” for evolution. Gives quite an insight into the creationist mind, doesn’t it? They can’t or won’t even look at the vast amount of data on evolution (even to the point of wondering “where it all is if this is real science”) and when confronted with a direct piece of verifiable data that calls what they’ve been so highly praising into question (Kemp’s supposed article) they simple shrug and ignore it as if it wasn’t relevant. With selective brain filters like that, how can we ever convince these people?

  5. says

    Yes, now watch these two paragons scramble to explain away their little bastard at the, er, Deliverance family reunion, but they can never deny that it was evolution that brought these two lovebirds together. Awww.

    Shower? Hell, I need sandpaper…

  6. says

    The Family says that the little shaver belongs to Schlafly only, and was mistakenly posted under Kemp’s name by those pros over at Town Hall.

    Oh, yes. “On vacation,” huh? Ever notice that Jack and Phyl are never in the same room together?

  7. says

    Who? What? I’m sorry, I just can’t tell any two frauds apart any longer. There are too many to keep track of these days and they’re all doing basically the same thing anyway. Learning all their names seems like a futile exercise to me.

    But of course, that’s just my two cents.