1. Steve_C says

    It really does show how out of touch they are. No empathy whatsoever.
    3 more years of this crap. I hope the senate changes enough in November enough to matter.

  2. craig says

    bunches of rumors about that clip are floating around… one being that the new guy had his audition that very morning and they put him right on the air… another being that the audience booed at the 9/11 reference and it was edited out.

  3. Steve_C says

    I thought his dry turnaround on 9/11 was great.
    The audience did give a ohhh-ouch to it.
    Innit true though?

  4. truth machine says

    Now if the American populace would just boo every time any Rethuglican speaks of opportunities and positive outcomes from their murderous policies.

  5. says

    His point about 9/11 perhaps contained a little too much truth for even the Daily Show crowd. When buildings are expoding and debris falling on innocent brown people in faraway lands, it’s so easy to trot out glib rationalizations for why it is unavoidable or even beneficial. But if it happens here to us, then the tragedy and loss of human life is inexcusable and unjustifiable. We would never be so glib about the deaths of innocent American civilians that we would accept anybody calling it the “birth pangs” of a better tomorrow.

  6. DrYak says

    I’m a very big fan of the Daily Show and Colbert Report and watch it daily (even in NZ ;) and that particular report was the best one yet!

  7. arakyd says

    Zing. Damn, haha.

    The “it’s an opportunity” stuff just sounded like typical political whitewashing, but that 9/11 comparison shows just how stupid it really is.

    Of course, 9/11 *was* an opportunity for these people.

  8. says

    He was tough but fair — just like he was with Peter Parker, pizza delivery boy.

    Thank you. I was trying to think of where I knew that guy from.

  9. Eisnel says

    I too thought that segment was brilliant, and I really like this new guy. And I too am worried that conservative whackjobs are going to get ahold of the sound byte and present it out of context… I’ve long suspected that most conservatives don’t understand sarcasm.

  10. Bruce says

    I hope he becomes a fulltime cast member; there certainly are a lot of “improvised explosive opportunities” out there ready for commentary.

  11. bmurray says

    I’m pleased to see someone trying to put 9/11 in persepctive. It’s become such an icon with Americans that it must now be uttered in hushed tones, ideally concurrent with marking the signs of the cross and so forth. While it was certainly a turning point event, as disasters go it wasn’t quite that big a deal from the rest of the world’s perspective. The bigger disaster is what it did to your politics and what that did to the rest of the world.