Friday Random Ten: I’m too tired to come up with a title edition

It’s been a long, long day of committee meetings and classes and various other time-sucks. Time to unwind with a Friday Random Ten.

Raspberry Beret Prince
Make Your Move The Delgados
Wayward Bob Bonobo
A Town Called Luckey Rilo Kiley
Horses Patti Smith
Crazy Man Michael Fairport Convention
Wicked Game Chris Isaak
Down Slow Moby
Not A Pretty Girl (live) Ani Difranco with Indigo Girls
Shambala Donovan


  1. says

    Paul wrote:

    “Horses Patti Smith”

    Looking back over my life, I can count on my fingers the things that really blew my mind, like the first time I got laid and my first arrest for civil disobedience.

    But seeing the Patti Smith Group perform “Horses” live at CBGB’s is near the top of my list.

    It was better than coming…

  2. says

    Heres the last ten on MP3 server. Wifes out, watching baseball drinkin some bourbon.

    Dr. Lonnie Smith – Charlie Brown
    Z*Bonics – Apache Indian War Dance
    Medeski Martin and Wood – New Planet
    Lou Donaldson – Hamp’s Hump
    Miles Davis – Spanish Key
    Greyboy Allstars – Reasons
    Rolling Stones – Monkey Man
    John Scofield – Chank
    Bill Withers – Use Me
    Casandra Wilson – Run the Voodoo Down
    James Brown – Think

  3. says

    mmmm, randomness.

    Architecture in Helsinki – In Case We Die (Parts 1-4)
    Neutral Milk Hotel – You’ve Passed
    Great Big Sea – Goin’ Up
    M. Ward – Flaming Heart
    Violent Femmes – Dahmer is Dead
    Seu Jorge – Life on Mars?
    They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng
    Tapes ‘n Tapes – The Illiad
    Los Lobos – Wicked Rain
    Letters to Cleo – Disappear

  4. says

    Well, here it is. I own all you old geezers XD

    Bid Wednesday – The Animatrix OST
    Quicksilver – Pink Floyd
    Bottom – Tool
    Gateway – Yoko Kanno
    Expander – Future Sound of London
    Bravery – L’Arc En Ciel
    Born Too Slow – The Crystal Method
    Battle Strategy – Nobuo Uematsu
    Re-Align (Acoustic) – Godsmack
    Men in Metal – Don Davis

  5. says

    OK, here’s my actual random ten, and why I now pick and choose my Friday tunes.

    1. A Psychedelic Opera…Excerpt – J.A.Ceasar (Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers, Vol.9) 2, Cliffs Remix – Alarm Will Sound (Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin) 3. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me – Dorothy Melton (Goodbye, Babylon [Disc 04 (Salvation)]) 4. Ba – Goldmund (Corduroy Road) 5. dj krush – from kemuri production 6. Are You Glad to Be in America? – James Blood Ulmer (No Escape from the Blues) 7. No Escape (Refix) – DJ Skully Presents Klashnekoff (Focus Mode) 8. Sex Spider – Gogol Bordello (Voi-La Intruder)
    9. Rising Minimal – Dictaphone (Domino 06: A Snapshot From the 2006 Domino Ten-Day) 10. Divertimento for violin, No 3 (1955) – Giacinto Scelsi (Chamber music for strings (Solo, Duo & Trio))

    And yes, that would be a horrible set to listen to, encompassing old psychedelic music, gospel, dance/noise, toy piano, string orchestra, techno, gypsy punk, blues, broken beats and a “skit.”

    It must be nice to have cohesive tastes that coexist peacefully on the same hard drive.

  6. says

    I believe that maintaining a random MP3 playlist is like perennial gardening – it can take a few years of grooming before it starts to look good year-round, from any angle. Mine is fairly young – there’s still a few bald spots here and there. Now playing:

    1. Moana Chimes – M.K. Moke (It’s Hotter in Hawaii)
    2. Detroit 9000 – Blaxploitation movie trailer
    3. Tantie Ernestine – Lord Christo (Authentic Calypso)
    4. Chiero de Saudades – Walter Wanderley (Rain Forest)
    5. South Pacific Moonlight – Arthur Lyman (Bwana A)
    6. Vai Joao – Ely Arcoverde Quartet
    7. The Head Shrinker – Milton DeLugg and the Vampires (at the Monster’s Ball)
    8. “I predict that a certain country in Europe, which has already known violence in its streets, will be revisited by trouble” – Maurice Woodruff (Know What Will Happen Tomorrow!)
    9. Canto Puro Amor – Roberto Menescal
    10. Tubby the Tuba, side 4 – Victor Jory

    A bit heavy on the tropics, and no jazz, country, or Italian soundtracks. Ah, well.

  7. Sixpak Chopra says

    Don’t have one of those new-fangled iPod thingies, but I have to say that “Liege and Leaf” is probably my favorite of the classic Fairport Convention albums. “Tam Lin” rulez!!