Gone questin’


Alas, my mandate for today also includes traveling to St. Cloud State University to give two talks, one to the biology department in the afternoon and another to the philosophy department this evening. It looks like I get to be driving through the tail end of a snowstorm today, too.

It may be a little quiet here today. I haven’t forgotten everyone, I’m just going to be excessively busy.


  1. Torbjorn Larsson says

    We don’t get it, but meanwhile the see Pharyngula appear illusionary elsewhere. ;-)

    As an example I present http://motls.blogspot.com/2006/03/theory-of-everything-from-trinions.html which I just stumbled on: “The fundamental, most important ideas have already been found: the muon neutrino is an octopus made of trinions. Moreover, the authors even explain on page 10 that the mass of the elementary particles may arise from the number of self-crossings of the octopus arms,”

    Invertebrates rules physics!

    Unfortunately it’s merely a putdown of a paper in non-main stream quantum gravity theory (loop quantum gravity), where some of the diagrams of the purported internal structure of spacetime happen to look like “a handcuffed octopus”. I’ll have to continue to wait for the real deal.

  2. Torbjorn Larsson says

    After a while I realised that “a handcuffed octopus” is rather telling and spot on about the special Pharyngula context.

    Now I wonder it it tells me that I need more blogging, calamari or kinky sex. Since I’m confused, I’ll have to work at all three now. :-)