Where da red meat Democrats at?

I seem to recall not long ago that in one of those usual “where da wimmin at?” web contretemps, there were claims that women just weren’t loud and bold enough to make their voices heard.

All you have to do is read Helen Thomas’s “Lap Dogs of the Press” and Molly Ivins’ “Enough of the D.C. Dems” to know that that isn’t true. They’re exactly spot on, and it’s good to see some uncompromising criticisms of the feeble old men of the media and the Democratic party.

(via Echidne and Phronesisaical)


  1. says

    Yes! When is Pelosi going to get in touch with her inner bitch and take the attack to the liars, criminals, and scoundrels who run the Congress and the White House? She’s been much too laid back since becoming minority leader and we need to see her old feisty self acting as if she truly believes she’s the next Speaker of the House and not merely the once and future minority leader!

    I mean all of this moderately, of course.

  2. Harry Eagar says

    If you don’t like who you got there now, wait till you see what you get with public financing of campaigns — candidates from several (nsteads of two) parties, not one of which could raise $1.85 on her merits.

  3. plunge says

    With all due respect, Molly Ivins is just another wagging finger. Everyone has an opinion on what the Dems should do and be.

    Plus, I LIKE Mark Warner. He’s exactly the sort of “enough with the partisan scorched earth, lets get some damn healthcare and get back to the era of competant leadership” guy I think this country will be looking for in 2008.

    Bill Moyers I could see, but a psuedoscience loving hack like Oprah? Come on. Even making the suggestion just writes you out of serious discourse.

  4. Nomen Nescio says

    candidates from several (instead of two) parties is exactly what this country needs. which is exactly why the two parties will make damn sure we never get that.

  5. with a Y says

    Molly Ivins rocks. She reminds us that not everyone in Texas is made in the mold of Shrub. You want someone serious about healthcare? Try former Oregon governor Dr. Kitzhaber. There would be a team. Two doctors. Dean and Kitzhaber.

    There is life outside the beltway, most of us, and our politicians, busy solving problems and moving forwards. In Bushland all they do is talk about how much Fascism is enough.

  6. Eric Paulsen says

    …candidates from several (nsteads of two) parties, not one of which could raise $1.85 on her merits. – Harry Eagar

    Since I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for Dumbya and crew having a $1.85 president could only be 370% better! But seriously, fuck the spineless republican wanna-be Dems and let’s get a REAL Democrat, just like my super patriotic ultra irreverant give-em-hell grandfather. Gone but not forgotten.

  7. Harry Eagar says

    I believe somebody gave George more than $1.85.

    Professor Myers is certainly correct that the Democrats aren’t offering a message that most people either like or, more likely, can figure out. For example, damfino what the party would do about Islam.

    And even the professor, a man not usually unclear about what he thinks, announced his uncertainty about the Motoons, leading some guy named steve to comment here that if the Democrats didn’t know whether they were for free speech or not, it was no wonder the party couldn’t find its ass with both hands.

    I don’t know who steve is, but the Democrats oughta hire him.