1. G. Tingey says

    Wait for 2008 or 9 then (!)
    BIG thrash we hope!

    Darwin was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln …. Erm …..

  2. Pete Dunkelberg says

    We have a baby coming sometime in May, a girl. We’re thinking of Darwin as a middle name.

    To much of using the innocent for your own agenda.
    But if anyone wants a purely nice yet biological name, it’s Liana.

  3. Pattanowki says

    Well, I whisked the family off to the local United Church of Christ for Sunday services! (they were signatories of the Evolution Sunday Clergy Letter Project) However, it appears that today is Racial Equality Sunday in Illinois. However, race wasn’t really discussed either. Oh well, the snowy countryside was beautiful to see on our way out there! What a weird Darwin day….I feel like I’ve been had. Lured into a church! I’m going to correct this injustice with a walk down the creek.