Sure is warm out

It’s about 3°F outside right now, and it’s supposed to get up into the 20s later—it’s unseasonably warm out there. How much warmer? About 16°, on average, as you can see from the map.


Niches has the weather stats. I’m going to walk out into the sauna outside and go to class.


  1. Barry says

    That is a really bad graphic. I’ve seen lots of low-information color-coded graphs before, but never one which appears to use the same shade (white, or off-white) twice.

  2. says

    It was the third warmest January in the St. Louis area. The mean temp was 18.3° F warmer than the runnig average. There were eight days that the temp broke over 60.
    We haven’t had freezing temps in ten days.

  3. says

    Yeah, I found the January plot to be jarring but cut them a little slack since they probably had to add on a completely new color series for anomalies that much out of whack.

  4. says

    And even if the pale gray weren’t distinguishable (and on my laptop -2 to 0 and 12 to 14 are not clearly distinguishable,) the border colors are distinct. As long as the changes in the map are gradual enough so that there aren’t discrete jumps, you should be able to reuse colors without confusion as long as the border colors are sufficiently distinct for each use. The numbers help as well.

  5. fusilier says

    IndiaNOplace had the second-warmest January on record (1885 holds the record, IIRC.) Every single day was above normal.

    James 2:24

  6. Steve LaBonne says

    Enjoy it, or hate it, while it lasts- the Jet Stream will return to its normal course soon.

  7. says

    On the original post on Niches there is no confusion betweem pale blue and pale brown. Some of the color may have been lost in translation.

  8. Sweettp2063 says

    Brrrrrrr–That’s why I left the Midwest 22 years ago. Today will be a bone chilling 80+ degrees in Southern California. Must remember to get suntan lotion and go to the beach…. :-)

  9. says

    It’s going to break 60 here. January here was the 7th warmest ever. I also have not seen any snow that lingered for more than a day, and that may have been only once or twice. I don’t think we had any in January.

  10. Anonymous says

    It hasn’t snowed here since a week after christmas, and I’m in Michigan! This is absurd. Is this just a bad winter season, or is there more..?

  11. dAVE says

    I import tile from Italy, and last week, they had an unseasonable snowstorm that dumped something like a meter of snow in Northern Italy. So, while much of the continental US is awfully warm, other parts of the world are cooler than normal. Then again, what’s normal? The Vikings used to farm in Greenland.

  12. Barry says

    “Enjoy it, or hate it, while it lasts- the Jet Stream will return to its normal course soon.”

    Posted by: Steve LaBonne

    I live in Michigan, and don’t ski, so I am enjoying it – while it lasts.

    I just hope that we don’t pay for it in April.

  13. G. Tingey says

    Can we have temperatures in a sensible scale, please?

    You know, the one where freezing is Zero, and boiling is 100? ( Unless you’re going to use “kelvin” which would be really cool, in more senses than one …..

  14. says

    May I bring to everyone’s attention that IIRC it was Jimmy Carter who in the late 70’s tried to get US laggards (now the only laggards; then I think we had South Yemen for our lonely company) converted to metric? He put up signs, Ronald Reagan took them down, and they’ve never gone up since.

    It’s not that I want to put a sign on our backs saying “Australopithecus”, but if the shoe fits and you’re bipedal, wear it.

  15. Rey says

    When you say Fahrenheit, don’t you mean Celsius? I mean, I know Minnesota is cold, but surely 20 degree highs aren’t unseasonably warm, even in January.

    That map is odd, apparently you guys are all the way above the reds and into scorched earth territory.

  16. lt.kizhe says

    I think Rey is mis-reading the map. Those numbers aren’t the absolute temperatures, they are the departure from the historical average for January. (Given the weather in Ottawa, I’d say it’s about right — yes, we often get a thaw around now, but that’s usually a few days in out of a month of uniform -15degC weather. This year however, we’ve had very little but thaw).

  17. says

    Correct – these are anomaly maps, the difference between temps now and those averaged over the last 35 years for the month of January.

    You’ll also find anomaly maps used as regular features in visualizing sea surface temperature anomalies for ENSO depictions. Very useful, the datum minus the average!

    By the way, everyone does realize a La Nina event has now been declared?

  18. Grumpy says

    Meanwhile, it’s -55 F in Barrow, Alaska (the northernmost city in the USA, as geography buffs well know). The all-time record low in Barrow is -56, set in 1924.

    Ever notice that the daily low spot is never in Alaska, even when there are places in Alaska colder than the Lower 48? Why the cold shoulder (so to speak) for the 49th state?

  19. Rey says

    Oh I know what the map is for. But it still uses the typical blue=cold to red=hot color spectrum, so it looks odd to have colors beyond red.

  20. Damian says

    Apparently the jet stream is anomalously north this year, preventing cold air from the north from penetrating into the lower 48. Warm air from the Pacific is thus making its way northward.

  21. Han van Gool says

    It might be warmer in the US. In Europe temperatures are far below normal. Usually around this time of year we have daffodils all over. Now they are just waiting under a pack of snow.