1. Jamie says

    Well now we need a feminist critique of the FSM. Dammit. Noodly appendages outnumber clitoral appendages by a long shot. Only a man would design such a thing. All gods are patriarchal, then, and must be destroyed as a matter of principle.

  2. says


    And Muslims issue bomb threats if cartoonists depict Mohammed at all. One can only imagine the furor if someone tried to give the guy this treatment…

    I’m a new convert to the FSM — do we riot?

  3. jaimito says

    I am sure FSM priesthood has a good explanation for it. Only unbelievers can misinterpret this art. In fact it is an allegory for pastapharianism’s spiritual love. Thus has said FSM. It is written in the Sacred Pasta Cook Book.

  4. Jason Malloy says

    I really should be joining the FSM backlash about now, but gotta admit the Hokusai one made me laugh.

  5. paul says

    I suspect that natural cynic (February 2, 2006 11:35 PM) is onto something. With all those noodly appendages, FSM reminds me of nothing so much as Medusa and her Gorgon sisters. In my narrow, straight, het outlook, I would have expected FSM erotica to involve male objects. It had not occurred to me that the object of our worship would be gay! Now that I think about this some, I realize that it would not have occurred to me that the object of our worship would have any sexual orientation at all; typical depictions of the FSM, while not necessarily gender-free, strike me as asexual.

  6. Shyster says

    I’m not sure what all of the uproar is about. As a practicing Pastafarian I know that the FSM used his noodly appendages to impregnate a virgin and that virgin gave birth to Rigatoni, son of FSM. Rigatoni came to earth to put starch in our sad lives. Can I have a Ramen?

  7. says

    I thought surely we’d see a re-enactment of Leda and the Swan.

    And why wouldn’t a woman want to be caressed everywhere? FSM sounds useful.

  8. Kyle says

    Man, this deity gets almost as much tail as Zeus. Of course, what do you expect from someone who’s heaven has its own stripper factory?

    Also, I had thought that the whole “touched by His noodley appendage” thing was metaphorical. This religion just gets more awesome all the time!

  9. EVinson says

    Does this all mean that Ghastly’s Ghastly Comics was the John the Baptist of the FSM?? Tentacoo wape is maybe a sacrament?

  10. Loren Petrich says

    I’ve long found that sort of thing to be strange; I would expect a tentacled monster to only be interested in similar tentacled monsters. Which would seem to be supported by some of what our host has blogged on — the sexual proclivities of various cephalopods.

    So to a FSM, a sexual interest in any of our species would be like bestiality.