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    It is a group blog with a date, i.e., the starting date and the expiration date. Several of the past guest bloggers are all coming together and writing while Brian is busy, but he’ll be back and he’ll take over again.

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    Say, thanks for the link to Minvolved. We’re still a bit of a ma and pa operation at the moment (myself and MN Publius), but we hope to grow this thing into a one-stop shop for getting involved in Minnesota politics and liberal issues. Hopefully, in the process of doing so, we can build an infrastructure on the site that will allow us to expand into other organizing opportunities.


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    Consolidation seems to be the name of the game in blogging these days. And why not? No single blogger alone can satisfy the appetites of today’s procrastinators!

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    Yeah, I was going to say – what Coturnix said. You scared me for a minute. Leiter reports is only temporarily a group blog.

    And as for why not consolidate – well, er, I mean, um, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Who could do it as well as one’s own darling self? NO ONE!

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    That was sort of a joke, but actually, now I think about it, there’s some truth in it. No one could do PZ as well as PZ does; only Leiter is Leiter; etc. It’s a question of voice. The blogs I keep reading are the ones with strong voices.

  6. Brian Leiter says

    I will solicit reader reactions later in the Spring, to see what folks make of the experiment. As the first commenter notes, the main issue is that I just can’t sustain it on my own the next few months consistent with all my other obligations. But it may turn out that the mix of “voices” is appealing to readers. We’ll see.