Video: Pat Robertson’s surprising trans take from 2013

I’ll have a longer post up later for Trans Day of Visibility today, but I wanted to share this video clip. Apparently, back in 2013, notorious Christian fundamentalist and bigot Pat Robertson was asked about trans people, and his response, while far from ideal, underscores just how recent and manufactured the current trans panic actually is. Pat Robertson said that sometimes women are born in men’s bodies, or men in women’s bodies, and that it’s not a Christian’s place to judge. I don’t know that he’d say the same today, and it doesn’t wash away the harm he’s done, but it’s an interesting glimpse into what a pretty extreme person had to say about the issue a decade ago.


  1. R.F. says

    How do people find these things! God has not sanctioned transgenderism in any shape or form no matter what anyone says! Read your Bibles!

  2. says

    Nobody cares what your holy book says, dude, and I’m pretty sure that includes you.

    You’re just using it as cover for your bigotry.

    Off you fuck, now.

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