Unlearning Economics takes a look at worker democracy

I’ve decided that I’m doing NaNoWriMo this November (that’s National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated), so I’m taking this weekend to catch up on sleep and housework, and to more thoroughly block out the novel, so I can crank out 50,000 words before the end of the month. Today’s low-effort post is a great video on worker democracy from Unlearning Economics, from last December. The concept of governing a business using some form of democratic process is not a new one, but it’s one that is unfamiliar to a lot of folks living in capitalist societies. This video is a deep dive into the subject, broken into chapters you can see if you go watch the video on Youtube. It covers the basics of what’s meant by “worker democracy”, myths and misconceptions, strengths and weaknesses, and ends with what I consider to be a strong case for expanding the various forms of democratic business governance.


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    Thanks 🙂

    I’m bad at being an active part of the community these days, but I do consistently intend to interact more!

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    the original community was pretty badly damaged by management over the new site fiasco and subsequent bitchiness, so a lot of people are doing nano activities off site, like the discord i’m in. this has, of course, turned discord into a four-letter word on nano’s official site.

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