Video: A future beyond capitalism? Socialism explained.

In the most general sense, the various forms of socialism, to paraphrase Richard Wolff, are united by the belief that we can do better than capitalism. There are a lot of different visions for how that might work, ranging from the various efforts we’ve seen in the past, to today’s plans for a better future. That diversity of thought also means there’s a great deal of disagreement, and people who a liberal or conservative might lump together could well be offended by the association.

I have my own opinions, which shift as I learn more and gain new perspectives. The thing I’m really pinning my hopes on is the idea that we can come up with far better ideas than I can. It’s no coincidence that the most useful parts of my direct action post are the work of other people. In a very real way, humanity has a collective consciousness that is capable of far greater feats of philosophy and discovery than any of the so-called Great Men of history.

All of this is to say that when I present a vision of “socialism”, or of ways in which the world could be better, I’m not declaring that to be the best option, or even the one that I personally prefer. It’s more about having ideas in circulation, so that we can think about them, and how to improve upon them. Anyway, here’s a video I think is neat:

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