I see the bad moon risin’

I see trouble on the way.

I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of feelings, right now, and while I’m going to write about them in the coming days, there are other projects that need finishing, so I’m going to work on those today, to remove that mental block. There are so many bad things happening, it’s hard to keep up. For now, here are some messages that I think you should be spreading around:

  • No more coathanger talk! Illicit abortions are no longer done with coathangers. That rhetoric was true and necessary when it was popularized, but now it is putting lives in danger. These days, if you want a DIY abortion, you take pills. Coathangers grab attention because of the extreme danger they present, but if someone is desperate we do not want them turning to that because they think they have no other options. The underground abortion “market” will probably follow similar channels to all other illicit drugs, which means any internal or external, physical attempt to end a pregnancy should absolutely not be the first thing anyone thinks of if they realize they need an abortion.
  • Abortion funds exist, and you can donate to them. There are also groups that have been preparing for this day, and they could probably use help.
  • Networks are vital in times like this. Word of mouth, to people you know you can trust, is a way to seek and give help and information. As I keep saying, interact with your community. Learn who your neighbors are, and in what ways you can rely on them. Make sure that they know they can turn to you in a crisis, and be prepared to back that up.
  • Prepare. If you have access to meds you think will become harder to get (like if the GOP takes the government in 2026), don’t buy large amounts, but consider keeping a little for emergencies. Keep track of expiration dates. This applies to all medical supplies, but it also applies to food, hygiene products, water purification tools, and so on. Which reminds me
  • Get drug testing kits. Specifically, if you think that you or someone you love might conceivably have to get life-saving medication from a less-than-reputable source, get drug testing kits. Cops are lying about how dangerous fentanyl is, but it is dangerous, and it seems to be increasingly contaminating pills and powders specifically. Even without the overdose risk, there are dangers. Fentanyl test strips are legal *in 22 states*
  • Be kind. The Roe v. Wade ruling is not going to be the last disastrous ruling from this court. More hits are coming, and a lot of people are going to be under stress. Practice patience, and practice giving those you love the benefit of the doubt.
  • EDIT: If you have a period app, seriously considering deleting it. Those data can and will be available to law enforcement, and can be used as evidence of pregnancy and/or abortion
  • EDIT: How To Give Yourself An Abortion

Hang in there. Take care of yourself as best you can, and remember to do things that make you happy, because they make you happy.


  1. says

    Wow, I gotta say it’s nice to see a blog where Roe is mentioned without a dozen commenters screaming hatred at Democrats. Your “be kind” bit will be sorely needed very soon, and probably for a very long time.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Fentanyl test strips are legal.

    In 22 states (article & linked article therein do not include lists). Ahh, such optimism.

  3. says

    I’m very angry with the Dems (the politicians, not the voters), Bee, but I’m also aware that none of them read my blog, and their crime is failing to stop what everyone knew the Republicans wanted to do. That, and fundraising off of the fear created by their failure to actually fight for things. I think there’s blame there, but it pales in comparison to the conservatives’ bloodlust.

    I’ve also given up on the Democrats getting any real change, so this doesn’t change the course of action I think is needed.

  4. says

    The specific lie that cops are telling is that you can overdose simply by touching it. You can’t, but they seem to believe it, and have been giving themselves panic attacks and saying it’s an overdose. Apparently they lie so much they’ve started believing their lies.

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