The brutalization and genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas never stopped.

Take some time to watch this video. If you feel you don’t have the time, put it on while you’re washing dishes. Play it as audio while you commute. The late 20th century was rife with propaganda assuring “white” people all over the world that the bloody horror of colonialism and white supremacy was ended by the various liberation movements of that century. We were lied to. None of it ever stopped. The tactics and propaganda changed, but the oppression and extermination of colonized peoples around the world never ended, and it continues to this day.

When it comes to those atrocities, “never again” has always been a lie, because it carries the assumption that it happened, and then stopped happening.


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    I remember in the 80s Disney’s old “Swamp Fox” and “Davy Crockett” shows were re-run on our main local station. Pioneerin’ mans can do no harm.

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