A useful addition to your field guide to fascism

Fascism is gaining power in the United States right now, accompanied by both lies about who and what they are, and by liberal/centrist hand wringing over how bad it is to be mean to fascists. In this environment, education is a powerful tool in responding to those who are, knowingly or otherwise, spreading misinformation. I’ve previously linked Ollie Thorn’s video The Philosophy of Antifa, and if you haven’t watched it, you really, really should.

Another in this library that’s worth your time, and worth sharing around, is Thoughtslime’s new video on the Proud Boys, who are one of the fascist groups currently instigating violence in the United States:


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    The irony about Gavin McScumbag is that his wife is Native American on her mother’s side. He’s literally giving aid and comfort to people who hate his wife.

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