Confirmed case of COVID-19 in ICE concentration camp

This is one way that concentration camps can become death camps. People crowded together without adequate sanitation, health care, or even sleeping conditions is a KNOWN formula for spreading disease and increasing the death rate.

It’s also a great way to increase the rate of mutation within the camp, which gives better odds on a newer, more dangerous form of the disease coming out of them via guards and other staff. This, in turn, may become justification for other, more brutal “measures”.

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  1. says

    This, in turn, may become justification for other, more brutal “measures”.

    Like locking the doors and aaljing away, leaving people to die of disease, thirst and starvation.

    I didn’t say that yesterday because some would have called it hyperbole. But after medical care workers in Spain abandoned the elderly at a care facility, leaving them to die and abandoning corpses in their beds next to the living, it’s not a far-fetched accusation. Especially considering the atrocities ICE have already perpetrated.

    No doubt fundy christians say, “they [catholics] don’t value life like we do!”

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