What does it mean to care about the wellbeing of sex workers?

Once again, Oliver Thorne has created an important, informative video on an issue laden with controversy and bad intentions.


For those who can’t see, at the beginning and end, Ollie is in a dressing room applying makeup. During the portions where he talks about gambling, and magic, he illustrates his points with card tricks, combined with a gambling scenario in which he plays the role of the House, in a three-piece suit and a leather armchair, casually demonstrating how he holds all the cards, and the sex worker, presented as the viewer (Based on camera angles) isn’t even allowed to keep hold the cards in their hand, having them replaced with jokers as the various entrapping rules are described.


  1. VolcanoMan says

    It’s funny – so much of the Youtubers you’re posting here are also among my own subscriptions. Philosophy Tube. Beau of the Fifth Column. Majority Report. Thought Slime. All producing exceptional stuff.

    Do you also subscribe to ContraPoints? Innuendo Studios? NonCompete? Knowing Better? David Pakman Show? If not, based on the above content providers, I think you’d like them quite a bit.

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